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10 posts from September 2006

September 30, 2006

flrunners invitational!!

We couldn't get this in since the race ended late Friday night, but here's a quick breakdown of what Dade runners did at the FLRunners.com Invitational.

This might be in the paper soon. But for people who don't want to wait until Monday or Tuesday, here it is:

   Belen's Guillermo Echarte finished fourth at the boys' Race
of Champions of the seventh annual FLRunners.com Invitational
late Friday night at the Ed Radice Sports Complex in Tampa.

   Flagler Palm Coast's Anthony Morales won the race in
15:28.61. Echarte ran a time of 15:41.06, the highest time by
a Miami-Dade County runner in the prestigious race often
referred to as the "pre-state meet," that included 25 teams
and 175 runners from around the country. Gulliver's Phillip
Woerner placed 11th in 15:55.30. The Wolverines finished fifth
as a team, while Gulliver finished 13th.

   Westminster Christian seventh-grader Nicole Carpio was
Dade's highest finisher in the girls' Race of Champions,
placing 11th in 18:47.58. Wellington's Ashley Brasovan ran
away with the title in 16:41.42. Lourdes didn't post a runner
in the top 20, but finished third as a team behind champion
Jacksonville Episcopal and runner-up Satellite Beach
Satellite. The Bobcats' top finisher was freshman Christina
Brea a 22nd in 19:34.45.

   • Invitational races: Also at the FLRunners meet, Varela
junior Christopher Harris placed 10th in the boys'
Invitational race in 16:39.64 to lead the Vipers to a
fifth-place finish. Varela's Jason Tyrell (16th) and Killian's
Jesus Batista (24th) were the only other Dade runners in the
top 25.

   In the Girls' Invitational, Ransom Everglades junior Nehali
Patel finished sixth in 19:36.49 to lead the Raiders to a
fourth-place finish. Dade Christian followed in fifth place,
while Ferguson finished ninth. Ransom's Michelle Robinson
finished 12th, while Braddock's Maria Valdivia finished 14th
and Dade Christian's Giselle Suarez placed 15th. Coral Reef's
Catherine Edmonson finished 20th.

   • Large school races: Sunset's James Curry finished 11th
and was Dade's top runner in the large school varsity race.
The Knights were Dade's only top 10 team, placing seventh.
Varela's Kiara Soave finished 28th in the girls' race to lead
Dade runners. Killian was the top team in 18th place.
   • Small school races: Miami Country Day's Dean Frankel led
Dade runners in the boys' small-school varsity race with a
14th-place finish, and the Spartans were Dade's top team in
12th place. In the girls' race, Palmer Trinity sixth-grader
placed 12th. Miami Country Day was the top Dade team in
seventh place.

For the full results, go to flrunners.com. Enjoy!

September 21, 2006

I love rivalry games

Last night's Hialeah-HML game reminded of why I love rivalry games.

Even though the game didn't live up to the energy of the fans, the atmosphere was crazy.

Both sides screamed that the other side "stinks" for lack of a better word.

But creativity points as well as the victory went to the Thoroughbreds.

Warning: the following may be a bit explicit....just kidding.

Fans tossed around inflated condoms like they were balloons, mocking HML's nickname - the Trojans.

But the highlight was a sign carried by the Hialeah cheerleaders that read: Trojans are disposable. We use them and abuse them.

Good thing there were over 20 cops, including the gang unit there to maintain order.

On more serious notes, I heard Hialeah linebacker Adewale Ojomo was offered by Tennessee. He'll end up as one of Dade's biggest signees. Last night, he showed prowess on defense with a sack and was effective on offense, lining up at tight end to open holes for running back Paris Cotton.

Cotton looks like he could end up as one of Dade's better backs over the next 2 years. Another junior to watch out for as a big recruit next year is 6-4 tight end/defensive lineman Cory Liujet. He's a truck in the open field and took more than one tackler to bring down on each of his catches. He's gotta work on holding on to the ball a little bit, but it was a rainy night so I'm sure he's forgiven by the Hialeah staff.

September 18, 2006

Running backs

Just a quick note on a couple of running backs I watched last week that impressed me.

One was North Miami Beach's Aaron Winchester, who if you read my story, you read that he again had a huge game on offense and defense for the Chargers. He may not be that huge, but he is a load to bring down. On a bunch of carries, he dragged Norland tacklers for extra yardage, not to mention literally ripping potential victory away from Norland's grasp by stealing the ball from a defender after a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown.

That brings to a back that's getting even less notoriety - Norland's Hannibal Beauford. This kid's a bullet. On an 80-yard touchdown run, he broke a pair of tackles and then the Vikings' track star literally sped past Winchester and another NMB defensive back down the sideline. I don't think he stopped until he had cleared the end zone halfway to the locker room. Too bad I didn't have a stopwatch handy, would have been fun to clock him. Hmm, maybe college scouts should have a look.

Winchester vs. Columbus' defense this week will be a big factor in that matchup Thursday. Beauford will try to get Norland in the win column vs. Varela on Wednesday.

September 14, 2006

A little more for cross-country fans

Ferguson's boys are going to be competing in the Race of Champions at this year's flrunners.com Invitational.

On a football note, the Beef O' Brady's scoreboard show, which recaps all the high school football action every Friday night on the radio will be broadcast in Miami for the first time tomorrow on WKAT (1360 AM). Hear scores from around the state as well as live interviews with reporters. The broadcast runs from 10 p.m. to midnight.

September 12, 2006


I personally exterminated a few "bugs" with our Miami-Dade football standings. They're all updated. If anyone wants to look at where their favorite team is, going into district play this weekend, check it out on the Herald website.

September 11, 2006

Sideline sillyness

I understand the desire for safety of the players with this new "6-feet away from the edge of the field" sideline rule but some refs are getting a little ridiculous.

If a bunch of players and/or individuals hanging around are standing a couple of inches from the field or even go onto the edge of the sideline, then by all means warn'em throw the flag, do what you have to do.

But I had a photographer yelled at a week ago for no reason because she was a bit ahead of the line. Mind you, the photographer did not know about the rule, and nowhere in that scolding was an exact explanation given. At the Northwestern-Killian game, a POLICE OFFICER cost NW a penalty after taking a step past past the line.

I myself as well as other reporters covering the Booker T.-Chaminade game were told to get back even when we were already well behind the line.

This doesn't go to all officials, but maybe some should keep an eye on slightly more consequential things like spotting the ball correctly or remembering what down a team is on. Like when a down mysteriously vanished during a key moment in that big game on Saturday at FIU.

I'm just saying, enforce it, but don't get carried away to the point where it hurts the game.

-- Dre (standing at the track with my binoculars pretty soon).

September 09, 2006

my bad

To all Southridge fans, MY BAD! I honestly thought a 2-0 North Miami team at homein the Mosquito Bowl aka North Miami Stadium had a shot. So I gambled on the upset and was I ever wrong. No rip on the Pioneers, but I guess this Southridge team is good...oh wait I knew that when I wrote my Revival of the Ridge story in the football preview. Sometimes, you take a chance at calling an upset. The Spartans can avenge their pair of 2005 defeats the next two games (South Dade, then Killian). Now we'll see just how good they are.

I also did with Booker T. and they should have beaten Chaminade, so let's stir it up right now. Northwestern should be ranked ahead of the Lions in South Florida, state, nationally, whatever, if they come out and slaughter Killian the way it did Carol City and Edison.

To any Bay Point fans out there, game was rained out, will check to see if it will be rescheduled.

Shifting sports, how about Nicole Carpio the 7th grader winning the Ferguson cross-country Invitational. Like Jillian Gil among others, another Dade superstar starting what should be a long, great running career. And Ferguson with the sweep, they've come up fast.

September 04, 2006

yes, I said the whole state

On my previous post, I did say Northwestern could hang with anyone in the state playing the way it did Saturday. What a great game a matchup pitting NW vs. Lakeland would be. Like they post on all the chalkboards in Dade County, It's all about "Eliminating Mistakes."

Eliminate mistakes

Anyone who caught a glimpse in person of what Northwestern did to Edison Saturday witnessed what that team can do when it plays mistake-free football.

When the Bulls aren't hitting people late or jumping offside, they are unstoppable in this county and I would say even in the state.

NW's trifecta of Dade powerhouse opponents to open the season before district play ends this Saturday at FIU south with Killian. The Cougars have a huge offensive line that should match up well with the equally stacked NW d-line and should at least keep Killian in the game longer than Carol City and Edison were.

A little tidbit of Dade trivia -- this is the first time since coach Billy Rolle took over at Killian that the Cougars are 2-0 (on the field). In 2002, they went undefeated during the regular season, but that's because a 32-0 season-opening loss to Central was wiped out when the Rockets were forced to forfeit their first 5 wins. And Columbus was responsible for a Week 2 loss, before the Cougars ran the table all the way to the 2004 Class 6A title.

Speaking of 2-0's, two teams that are 2-0 and whose fans should enjoy it while it lasts are Coral Reef (beat SW, Coral Park) and Miami Springs (Ferguson, Krop). It's been a while for both.

Each get tougher tests this week. The Cudas play Varela, while Springs takes on neighborhood rival Hialeah.

September 01, 2006

I was very surprised when I found out Wednesday afternoon there would be games this week. It's no so much the fact of teams losing practice days, I mean coaches know how to deal with hurricanes down here. It's the sudden turnaround to play after everyone was told the week was cancelled. In the past games have been cancelled, then if they can be made up, they have been at much later dates.

The teams playing Saturday at least get the chance to get a little more work in. Maybe an ideal solution might have been pushing a few games to Monday in cases where teams weren't playing until next Friday or Saturday.

In any case, we've got football, but it might be some ugly football through no fault of the players and coaches. Let's hope the injuries are few as well.