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my bad

To all Southridge fans, MY BAD! I honestly thought a 2-0 North Miami team at homein the Mosquito Bowl aka North Miami Stadium had a shot. So I gambled on the upset and was I ever wrong. No rip on the Pioneers, but I guess this Southridge team is good...oh wait I knew that when I wrote my Revival of the Ridge story in the football preview. Sometimes, you take a chance at calling an upset. The Spartans can avenge their pair of 2005 defeats the next two games (South Dade, then Killian). Now we'll see just how good they are.

I also did with Booker T. and they should have beaten Chaminade, so let's stir it up right now. Northwestern should be ranked ahead of the Lions in South Florida, state, nationally, whatever, if they come out and slaughter Killian the way it did Carol City and Edison.

To any Bay Point fans out there, game was rained out, will check to see if it will be rescheduled.

Shifting sports, how about Nicole Carpio the 7th grader winning the Ferguson cross-country Invitational. Like Jillian Gil among others, another Dade superstar starting what should be a long, great running career. And Ferguson with the sweep, they've come up fast.


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Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat

Dre Day, I told you that you were crazy picking Southridge to lose to the Swamp Dogs. Wasn't going to happen.

That's DA RIDGE...

But really man, you went out on a limb there.

I concur that Northwestern is better than Chaminade without question. I don't need to see Chaminade to know that because the Bulls talent is just sick. Having seen Northwestern beat Killian 34-20 in a game that truly wasn't that close, the Bulls are sick. And I am talking better than I've ever seen.

Let's go down the list.

Antwain Easterling - He's a beast. He fumbled five times against Killian, losing 2, which is unlike him, but he can't be stopped on the high school level, not running behind a line like that. On the college level though, he has to know when to NOT try to get the extra yard and he has to run a little bit lower to the ground.

Jacory Harris - Let's say that's the best Northwestern quarterback I've ever seen. This kid is 6'3, 175 pounds and will get bigger and stronger. I am 28 years old and I've been watching high school football since I was in high school, i.e. 1991. He's a prototype for a quarterback. He doesn't try to run with the ball like all these Michael Vick wannabees. He sets in the pocket and drills it. His 73-yard strike to Aldarius Johnson was one of the sweetest passes I've seen a high school quarterback in Miami-Dade ever make. He was 16 for 24 for 289 and three TDs. You can't ask for anything more a high school quarterback. Scary part. He's only a junior. That's the first Northwestern quarterback I've seen that I can say is a high major D-I quarterback.

Aldarius Johnson - He's a beast at wide receiver. And he punts too to the tune of 37 yards a punt. He can absolutely fly, runs great routes and puts a ton of fear in defensive backs. He has them falling over before he gets off the line. Another junior.

Tommy Streeter - He's another stud receiver. Had a real nice game. Speed and hands. He's the goods. I am not even going to mention the defense cause it would take all day.

Killian had 20 points but only 120 yards on offense.

But I do worry about Northwestern and these are the reasons. They racked up over 500 yards on Killian, but only scored 34 points. They should have put up about 50, but their usual mistakes, penalties and all the other dumb things that Northwestern historically does came to fruition. It's the same reasons they haven't won the state title since 1998. 7 fumbles, 2 lost, could have been more against Killian. Almost 200 yards allowed in kickoff returns. 12 penalties for almost 120 yards. They had at least three or four on stupid stuff like roughing the passer or late hits out of bounds. I will never ever understand why the players at Northwestern do that over and over again, but it never stops. Is it the point of trying to intimidate other teams? It has to be because I can't see football players being that foolish not to know you don't hit the quarterback late, you don't chuck a guy who's 5 yards out of bounds already. If so, it doesn't work against other great teams because they capitalize off stupid mistakes. The Bulls might get away with it in Miami-Dade this year, but in the playoffs someone will find a way to take advantage of those mistakes and let me tell you, the defending Class 6A State Champs, Palm Beach Gardens, is one heck of a team that I watched beat Glades Central in the preseason classic. And that Wing T has always given the Bulls fits.

But the fact is Northwestern is so talented it's sick. If they just play solid smart football, no one can touch them. No one. At least not in this state. And that includes LAKELAND. Yeah, I said it. LAKELAND.


Im honestly glad you apoligized about that southridge thing... the spartans are the truth! and yeah they're just that good! look at the facts... they have Deshaun Daniels leading them in offense, and he's good! and last but not least my brother David Bryant leading them and defense... deshaun and david are dade county's best! The whole spartan team is the truth, they stick together... and they represent! they went real far this season! im proud of the whole spartan crew!

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