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Running backs

Just a quick note on a couple of running backs I watched last week that impressed me.

One was North Miami Beach's Aaron Winchester, who if you read my story, you read that he again had a huge game on offense and defense for the Chargers. He may not be that huge, but he is a load to bring down. On a bunch of carries, he dragged Norland tacklers for extra yardage, not to mention literally ripping potential victory away from Norland's grasp by stealing the ball from a defender after a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown.

That brings to a back that's getting even less notoriety - Norland's Hannibal Beauford. This kid's a bullet. On an 80-yard touchdown run, he broke a pair of tackles and then the Vikings' track star literally sped past Winchester and another NMB defensive back down the sideline. I don't think he stopped until he had cleared the end zone halfway to the locker room. Too bad I didn't have a stopwatch handy, would have been fun to clock him. Hmm, maybe college scouts should have a look.

Winchester vs. Columbus' defense this week will be a big factor in that matchup Thursday. Beauford will try to get Norland in the win column vs. Varela on Wednesday.