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Sideline sillyness

I understand the desire for safety of the players with this new "6-feet away from the edge of the field" sideline rule but some refs are getting a little ridiculous.

If a bunch of players and/or individuals hanging around are standing a couple of inches from the field or even go onto the edge of the sideline, then by all means warn'em throw the flag, do what you have to do.

But I had a photographer yelled at a week ago for no reason because she was a bit ahead of the line. Mind you, the photographer did not know about the rule, and nowhere in that scolding was an exact explanation given. At the Northwestern-Killian game, a POLICE OFFICER cost NW a penalty after taking a step past past the line.

I myself as well as other reporters covering the Booker T.-Chaminade game were told to get back even when we were already well behind the line.

This doesn't go to all officials, but maybe some should keep an eye on slightly more consequential things like spotting the ball correctly or remembering what down a team is on. Like when a down mysteriously vanished during a key moment in that big game on Saturday at FIU.

I'm just saying, enforce it, but don't get carried away to the point where it hurts the game.

-- Dre (standing at the track with my binoculars pretty soon).