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throwing it out there

After going 14-1 this week, I'll reveal my playoff week 2 picks by middle of the week.

But I'm gonna throw it out there for discussion, since I see Rudy's comments kicked up a storm:

Will the Bulls march easily past Homestead?

Who's gonna win the big Central-Southridge showdown?

Is Carol City circling the wagons or was last week a fluke?

Does NMB have another big win left in the tank for BA?

I have a feeling we're in for Jackson-Booker T. Round 2, who's with me?

And finally does the Crusade for Dade Christian stop here or at Dolphin Stadium?


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do southridge and central play in harris field or do they play in fiu?


*Bulls Breeze

*Southridge spoils the planned rematch (at FIU)

*Carol City might have taken a season of lumps from a superior Dade talent pool, but So-Pla is good enough to end the season for Coach Frazier.

*NMB is a great story with 97.5% of the schools male population choosing not to play football. Do we remember the golden rule of this round of the playoffs? The expected favorite Broward team always loses somehow to the north-end Dade team.
*UPSET* .. 35 strong keep moving on

*Booker T winning at Dwyer would be huge, Jackson winning at West Boca would be less huge but still an impressive win.
I say BTW-yes : Jackson-no

*Dade Christian can beat AmHerDel, but to get to Dolphins stadium they have to beat Glades Day as well, and that's a big 'ol omission.


And Dre? Your Liberty County Bulldogs certainly punk'd you big time last week to the Hawthorne Nathaniels. That's what you get for picking those 10 yards and post to the outhouse panhandle games.

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