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what a playoff week 1!!!

With only Curley left to play King's Academy, I picked 13 of the 14 playoff games accurately.

And it's all thanks to the 305 beating up on the 954 and a few others across south and west Florida.

No before everyone out there thinks I'm tooting my own horn, I'm really only dedicating this post to one Joseph Goodman, who is not a popular guy in the North Miami Beach, Pace or Carol City areas.

Carol City -- huge win over Everglades behind Keino Burton's 278 yards. Don't doubt Walt Frazier's teams when they play in Broward County.

NMB -- Doug Wiggins knocked down a pass, intercepted another, ran for 106 yards, threw for 104 yards, punted 3 times for 100 yards (including a late one inside the 5). All that equaled the Chargers first playoff win ever, beating Cypress Bay. Wiggins said after the game he had visited the University of Georgia recently, but was putting his visits on hold to focus on the playoffs.

Jackson -- WOW! Tyrell Shavers and 40 points destroyed Lehigh 40-0.

and Coral Gables made its game against Central the nail-biter I thought it would be.

Homestead beat Varela

Booker T. walloped Cypress Lake 55-0

And Dade Christian escaped with a 28-21 OT win over Benjamin. The Crusaders stay unbeaten (11-0)


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xavier taylor

if you say Daniels is better than Easterling why do you say he'll get at lease 150? Man get out of here Easterling is the best back in dade


Man, What a disappointing night-day for cav nation. We had the number 2 team in 6a on the ropes and we let them win. Anyways great game football team, horrible play call at the end by the coaching staff.


Who ever the guy is that thinks his Curley with Andrew Audelin would have beaten any Pace team from 2000-2003 is ridiculous. We were great with Jerry Seymour and we were good when we didn't have him. Note how many division I and I-AA signees we had that played during that season.

Reg H.

I know one thing. I played for Coach Frazier, and I know for a fact that after a bad regular season the Carol City football is practicing harder and more intense than ever before and they WILL make it to the State Semis against Northwestern. And trust me, it wont be like it was before...


All of you guys have everything twisted. Im telling the state now that Doug and Aaron is on there way straight to the title game NMBs 32 strong have more heart then any of these other teams. they are going to fight there way straight to state and surprise all the haters around the state. And for the record I was a former pace player i graduated in 05 and regreted I left NMB to play at pace. Yes its all true they offerd me free tuition and a promise of college football and i left. but remember all NMB will be at state in 06.


My goodness Rudy, glad we could help you out there with your vindication!
When I was in school the Pace and Curly kids would get in knock down drag outs in everything, ahh those where the good 'ol days.


Goodman predicted Gibbons 17-14 and the final was 18-14. Give the man his props and a big blue ribbon on that one.


wow... a lot of people are posting some delusional stuff...rudy rodriguez thinks he knows what hes talkin about and NMB in the state finals? hahaha...of course Everglades didnt belong in the playoffs with their pie schedule and after getting trounced by Miramar 37-0...no way miramar shouldnt have gotten a second shot aat everglades in the tiebreaker, but there is only so much you can argue about... south plantation will be playing the west and the west will get a slight scare this weekend... southridge will stomp central and if you dont think easterling is the best back in dade...GET OFF THIS SITE


HAHAHA call me the show you was so wrong about NMB all of you guys were. Remember this, NMB will be the strongest team the west have face all season since killian. also dont be shock if the west LOSES to NMB.

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