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Amazing finish

How good was St. Thomas' near comeback against Lakeland last night?

Well, it made the ESPN Sportscenter top 10!

I tell you, I'm a 305 guy and I was standing there on the sidelines at Dolphin Stadium mesmerized.

All the reporters no matter how young or old looked like kids with grins on their faces and kept saying "wow" or "did you see that."

For me it was back in 1987 watching the Canes come back against FSU in Tallahassee or watching Dan Marino direct touchdown drive after touchdown drive until hitting Mark Ingram in the end zone after a fake spike to beat the Jets.

It was that kind of football magic at Dolphin Stadium last night.

Sorry for those of you that left the game early. I can't say I blame you. I was done with my work by the third quarter and almost left. But helping my boy Manny Navarro videotape the game enabled me to stay until the STA fireworks began.

In the end, an inch saved Lakeland from losing its state title. The Dreadnaughts might lose their status as the state and nation's best team, however.