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January 29, 2007

Who said there aren't honest kids anymore?

Every now and again when you think the world is going to, well this is a family blog so I'll just say poop, something happens to restore your faith.

This past Wednesday, I nearly lost my laptop. I was covering Coral Park's district boys' soccer win against Sunset. With a few minutes left in the game I went down to the field and placed my laptop on a table I was sitting at. When the game finished, I went to interview the celebrating Coral Park players and coach Manny Rodriguez. Once I was done about 10 minutes later, I remembered I had left my laptop there. I went back, but realized it was gone. After searching the premesis with the FIU groundskeeper and Coral Park AD Shawn Carney, we found nothing. I asked coach Rodriguez to ask if any of the kids had seen it to get back to me.

The next day I went to FIU to file a police report, thinking it was lost. On Friday, I get a phone call at 8:30 am from Coral Park saying that one of the players had turned it in to the school. Apparently, one of the players had seen a strange bag, asked who it belonged to, and then in the commotion accidentally left it outside.

Here's where it gets better.

A second Coral Park player finds it and again does the honest thing and turns it in.

In either case, they could have run off with it and probably no one would have known.

So to both of you I send you my thanks and props for being such honest individuals.


This often absent-minded sports reporter,

Andre Fernandez

January 21, 2007


Sit back and marvel at the Dade dominance of the Class 6A All-State football team. It will be in the newspaper soon, but here's an early look at the 6A-3A All-State teams. The 6A team has 14 of the 26 players from Dade County. 3-0-5 dominance indeed.

Class 6A


   QB: Jacory Harris, Miami Northwestern, Junior, 6-4, 185

  RB: Antwain Easterling, Miami Northwestern, 5-11, Senior, 195

   RB: Deshon Daniels, Miami Southridge, Senior, 5-10, 185

   WR: Aldarius Johnson, Miami Northwestern, Junior, 6-3, 199

   WR: Alphonso Bryant, Homestead, Senior, 6-1, 195

   TE: Pat Dimarco, Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley, Senior,
6-2, 225

   OL: Will Furlong, DeLand, Senior, 6-5, 275

   OL: Christopher Francis, Miami Northwestern, Senior, 6-0,

   OL: Branden Curry, Boyd Anderson, Senior, 6-6, 300

   OL: Earnest Goodley, South Plantation, Senior, 6-3, 260

   OL: Anthony Parker, North Miami Beach, Senior, 6-5, 280

   UT: Gordon Warner, Miami Central, Senior, 5-9, 180

   PK: Julio Moraga, Homestead, Senior, 5-7, 190


   DL: Marcus Forston, Miami Northwestern, Junior, 6-3, 290

   DL: David Bryant, Miami Southridge, Senior, 6-0, 180

   LB: Sean Spence, Miami Northwestern, Junior, 6-1, 195

   LB: Maurice Harris, Homestead, Senior, 6-1, 205

   LB: Dean Richter, Sarasota Riverview, Senior, 5-11, 210

   LB: Trey Blackman, Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley, Senior,
6-2, 220

   LB: Greg Lloyd, Clermont East Ridge, Junior, 6-2, 215

   DB: Lorenzo Edwards, Orlando Edgewater, Senior, 6-2, 226

   DB: Jeremy Kellem, Deerfield Beach, Senior, 6-1, 185

   DB: Jeremy Kellem, Deerfield Beach, Senior, 5-11, 175

   DB: Moses Jenkins, Boyd Anderson, Senior, 6-2, 175

   UT: Doug Wiggins, North Miami Beach, Senior, 5-11, 185

   P: Robert Beary, Apopka, 5-10/175, Sr.


   QB: Casey Kelly, Sarasota, Junior,6-4, 190

   RB: Kelvin Gaines, Orlando Boone, Seinor, 5-10, 170

   RB: Robert Glinton, Sarasota Riverview, Junior, 5-9, 185

   WR: Tommy Streeter, Miami Northwestern, Junior, 6-4, 195

   WR: Jason Frierson, Coral Gables, Senior, 5-8, 160

   TE: Kyle Hill, Orlando Boone, Senior, 6-6, 250

   OL: Joseph Looney Lake Worth, Junior, 6-4, 300

   OL: Kevin Bryant, Boyd Anderson, Senior, 6-7, 370

   OL: Mike Iltis, Sarasota Riverview, Senior, 6-3, 290

   OL: Eric Radovich, Sarasota, Senior, 6-4, 300

   OL: Mike Brewster, Orlando Edgewater, Junior, 6-5, 285

   OL:  Zach Dryden, Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley, Senior,
6-6, 250

   UT: A.J. Guyton, Homestead, Senior, 5-11, 185

   PK: Vinny Pacifico, Flagler Palm Coast, Senior, 5-10, 180


   DL: Dane Derstine, Sarasota Riverview, Senior, 6-2, 195

   DL: Adewale Ojomo, Hialeah, Senior, 6-4, 215

   DL: Emmanuel Perez, Everglades, Senior, 6-1, 215

   LB: Ron Thornton, Miami Killian, Senior, 6-3, 215

   LB: Kavarius Walker, South Dade, Senior, 6-0, 195

   LB: Josh Bynes, Boyd Anderson, Senior, 6-3, 238

   LB: Elias Navarro, South Plantation, 5-10, 190

   LB: Josh Vanarsdale, Orlando Timber Creek, Senior, 6-2,

   LB: Calvin Sutton, DeLand, Senior

   DB: Darnell Williams, Winter Park, Senior, 6-2, 185

   DB: Curtis Dewberry, Clermont East Ridge, Senior, 5-7, 170

   DB: Marquis Boone, Sandalwood, Senior

   P: Matt McCutcheon, Port Orange Spruce Creek, Junior


   QB: Travares Cadet, Miami Central, Senior, 6-0, 196

   RB: Brandon Pendergrass, Royal Palm Beach, Senior, 5-9, 190

   RB: Hannibal Beauford, Miami Norland, Senior, 5-11, 170

   WR: Trenton Chapman, Sarasota, Senior, 6-0, 170

   WR: Jimmy Wilkes, Flagler Palm Coast, Senior, 5-10, 170

   WR: Mark Layton, Lake Mary, Senior, 5-8, 175

   TE: Fabian Ruiz, Miami Sunset, Senior, 6-4, 230

   OL: Leonard Payton, Sandalwood, Senior

   OL; Justin Green Palm Beach Garden, Junior, 6-3, 305

   OL: Tyler McDermott, Palm Beach Central, Senior, 6-2, 270

   OL: Jaron Odom, Boyd Anderson, Senior, 6-5, 320

   OL: Franklin Carter, Orlando Dr. Phillips, Senior, 6-5, 340

   UT:  Mark Jones, Flagler Palm Coast, Junior, 6-1 195

   PK: Cameron Stevens, Orlando Timber Creek, Senior, 5-6, 135


   DL: Joemese Scott, Oviedo, 6-2/225, Sr.

   DT: Jamarcus Allen, Orlando Boone, Junior, 6-3, 240

   DE: Ricky Booker, Orlando Dr. Phillips, Senior, 6-3, 245

   DL: Tim Davis, Apopka, Senior, 6-1, 250

   DE: Kyle Wilber, Apopka, Senior, 6-4, 210

   LB: Rodney Donald, Oviedo, Senior

   LB: Eric Councill, Plant City Durant, Junior

   LB: Alvis Graham, Orlando Colonial, Senior, 6-2, 210

   DB: Cedric Griffin, Orlando Colonial, Senior, 6-0, 180

   DB: Charlton Sinclair, Mandarin, Senior

   DB: Cedric Griffin, Orlando Colonial, Senior, 5-10, 175


   QB: J.B. Clark Jupiter Senior, 6-4, 215

   QB: Robert Arnheim, Orlando Edgewater, Senior, 6-3, 190

   QB: Kingsley Barconee, Ocoee, Senior, 5-9, 175

   QB: Sean Connolly, Lake Mary, Senior

   RB: Anthony Johnson, Winter Garden West Orange, Senior,
5-11, 180

   RB: Jeremiah Schwartz, Orlando Edgewater, Junior, 5-10, 242

   RB: Michael Gillislee, DeLand, Sophomore, 6-1

   WR: Travis James, Boyd Anderson, Senior, 5-11, 170

   WR: Damion Allen, Orlando Dr. Phillips, Junior, 6-2, 180

   WR: Kevin Elliott, Orlando Colonial, Senior, 6-4, 195

   WR: Damion Allen, Orlando Dr. Phillips, Junior, 6-2, 175

   TE: Lars Anderson, Winter Springs, Senior, 6-4, 230

   OL: Cody Pellicer, Port Orange Spruce Creek, Senior, 6-5,

Class 3A

First Team Offense

QB: Dominique Davis, Lakeland Kathleen, Senior, 6-4, 170
RB: Cameron Harris, Titusville Astronaut, Senior, 5-8, 180
RB: Kevin Valenti, Tampa Jesuit, Senior, 5-9, 185
WR: T.J. Lawrence, Lakeland Kathleen, Junior, 6-2, 190
WR:  Deonte Thompson, Belle Glade Glades Central, Senior, 6-1,
WR: Joe Hills, Palmetto, Senior, 6-4, 195
TE: Anthony Middleton, Monarch, Senior, 6-4, 220
OL: Maurice Bynes, Belle Glade Glades Central, Senior, 6-4, 335
OL: Gregory Shaw, Miami Monsignor Pace, Junior, 6-4, 265
OL: Gus Duquesne, Belen Jesuit, Senior, 6-2, 295
OL: Bobby Isola, Orlando Bishop Moore, Senior, 6-4, 251
OL: Zach Joanos, Tallahassee Godby, Senior, 5-11, 270
UT: Deandre Holley, Belle Glade Glades Central, Junior, 5-8,
UT: C.J. Dancy, Pensacola Pine Forest, Senior, 6-0, 175
PK: Maikon Bonani, Lake Wales, Junior, 5-10, 160

First Team Defense

DL: Linval Joseph, Alachua Santa Fe, Senior, 6-5, 320
DE: A.J. Johnson, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons, Senior,
6-3, 230
DL: Rufus Williams, Titusville Astronaut, Senior, 6-2, 235
DL: Alfredo Hudson, Sarasota Booker, Senior, 5-11, 265
DL: Terrell McClain, Pensacola, Senior 6-3, 280
LB: Alfred Morris, Pensacola Pine Forest, Senior, 6-0, 225
LB: Willie Geter, Miami Monsignor Pace, Senior, 5-8, 173
LB: Brian Rolle, Immokalee, Senior, 6-0, 216
LB: Keith McCaskill, Tallahassee Godby, Senior, 6-1, 240
LB: Nigel Bradham, Wakulla, Junior, 6-2, 220
DB: DeMarcus VanDyke, Miami Monsignor Pace, Senior, 6-1, 172
DB: Aaron Henry, Immokalee, Senior, 6-0, 181
DB: Maron Butler, Tallahassee Godby, Senior, 5-9, 185
DB: Aljamar Grant, Sarasota Booker, Senior, 6-2, 180
UT: Jiwan James, Williston, Senior, 6-4, 175
UT: Albert Gary, Citra North Marion, Junior, 5-10, 175
P: Troy Walker, Wakulla, Senior

Second Team Offense

QB: Mike Brinkley, Citra North Marion, Senior, 5-11, 175
RB: British Footman, Tallahassee Godby, Junior, 6-1, 195
RB: Juwan Franklin, Dunnellon, Senior, 6-0, 180
RB: Jeff Demps, Groveland South Lake, Junior, 5-9, 170
WR: Travis Benjamin, Belle Glade Glades Central, Junior, 6-0,
WR: Malcolm Johnson, Bartow, Junior, 6-1, 170
WR: Darius Morgan, Citra North Marion, 6-4, 185
TE: Tim Dandy, Citra North Marion, Junior, 6-3, 200
OL: Josh Dodge, Dunnellon, Senior, 6-3, 285
OL: Andre Greenlee, Williston, Senior, 5-10, 305
OL: Rian Giddings, Palatka, Senior, 6-1, 305
OL: Chris Dunning, Pensacola Pine Forest, Junior, 6-2, 283
OL: Ernest McCoy, Belle Glade Glades Central, Senior, 6-7, 345
UT: Darius Jackson, East Gadsden, Senior, 5-10, 170
PK: Blair Walsh, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons, Junior,
5-10, 170

Second Team Defense

DL: John Jones Jr., Sarasota Booker, Senior,  6-3, 190
DL: Kenneth Fitzpatrick, Belle Glade Glades Central, Senior,
6-3, 330
DL: Patrick Hanse, Pace, Senior, 6-3, 265
DL: DeAngelo McCray, Jackson, Senior, 6-5, 268
LB Alfrederick Jones, Bartow, Senior, 6-0, 225
LB: Josh Linam, Tavares, Senior, 6-3, 235
LB: Chris Young, Sarasota Booker, Senior, 6-1, 210
LB: Toronto Smith, Tallahassee Rickards, Senior, 5-10, 190
LB: Horaczeo Crawford, Pensacola Pine Forest, Senior, 6-0, 215
DB: Antwan Murray, Kathleen, Senior, 5-11, 175
DB: Titus McIntosh, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons, Senior,
6-0, 185
DB: Chris Lett, Pensacola, Senior, 6-0, 190
DB: Qier Hall, Cocoa, Senior, 6-0, 185
P: Josh Hostetler, Titusville Astronaut, Senior, 6-0, 180

Third Team Offense

QB: Bryan Mann, Belle Glade Glades Central, Senior, 6-3, 195.
RB: Jevon Pugh, Naples, Senior, 5-10, 210
RB: V.J. Floyd, Orlando Bishop Moore, Senior, 5-10, 193
RB: Damien Berry, Belle Glade Glades Central, Senior, 6-2, 225
WR: Greg Ellingson, Tampa Robinson, Senior, 6-3, 195
WR: Jemelle Simonis, Kathleen, Senior, 6-3, 180
OL: Devone Williams, Kathleen, Senior, 6-0, 230
OL: Angleo Padilla, Jackson, Senior, 6-3, 265
OL: Bert Walker, Pensacola Pine Forest, Senior, 6-2, 270
OL: Evan Johnson, Pensacola, Senior , 6-3, 280
OL: Jatavious Jackson, Belle Glade Glades Central, Senior,
6-4, 275
UT: Josh Miller, Palatka, Senior, 6-3, 185
UT: Lynderrick Williams, Pensacola Washington, Senior, 5-11,
PK: Rodrigo Quezada, Williston Junior, 5-10, 170

Third Team Defense

DL: Josue Ortiz, Avon Park, Senior, 6-5, 225
DL: Demarrio Sims , Citra North Marion, Junior, 6-2, 225
DL: Derrick Parrea, Dunnellon, Senior, 6-3, 215
DL: James Tow, Pensacola Pine Forest, Senior, 6-3, 220
DL: Johnny Ray Harris, Hardee, Senior, 6-2, 205
LB: Justin Edmund, Bartow, Senior, 6-0, 175
LB: Danny James, Citra North Marion, Senior, 5-11, 185
LB: Greg Fontela, Belen, Senior, 5-10, 195
LB: Lawrence Young, Pensacola Woodham, Senior, 6-1, 205
LB: Troy Kelly, Arcadia DeSoto, Senior, 6-2, 220
DB: Jasper Simmons, Pensacola Washington, Senior, 6-1, 195
DB: D'Andrea Vaughn, Tavares, Senior, 5-11, 185
DB, David Rowe, Cocoa, Jr., 6-0, 185
DB: Arthur Barnes, Lake Wales, 6-5, 190
UT: Vince Williams, Ridge Community, Junior, 6-1, 220
P Wes Baldwin, Tallahassee Godby, Senior, 5-10, 160

Honorable Mention

QB: Bert Reed, Bay, Senior, 6-0, 165
QB: Devarius Cook, Bartow, Senior, 6-0, 175
QB: A.J. Graham, Tallahassee Godby, Sophomore
QB: T.K. Hill, Avon Park, Senior, 6-2, 195
RB: Cratez Abrams, Pensacola Pine Forest, Senior
RB: Andrew Fernandez, Belen, Senior, 5-10, 185
RB: Rai-shawn Wilson , St. Augustine, Senior
RB Troy Pollard, Jackson, Senior,
WR: Sam Robinson, Sebring, Junior, 6-0, 185
WR: Ed Waite, Pine Crest, Senior 6-2, 200
WR: Sam Robinson, Sebring, Junior, 6-3, 180
WR: Mitchell Mouton, Pensacola, Senior
OL: Josh Langston, Wakulla, Senior
UT: Quinterrance Cooper, St. Augustine, Senior
UT: Micah Brown, East Gadsden, Senior
UT: A.C. Wilson, Sebring, Senior, 5-10, 185
K: Caleb Sturgis, St. Augustine, Junior, 5-10, 170
DL: Daryl Hines, Jackson, Senior, 6-4, 250
DL: Aaron Davis, Bartow, Junior, 6-0, 240
DL: Gerard Oxendine, St. Augustine, Senior
DL: Tim Henderson, Pensacola, Senior
DL: Ebben Mignott, Pensacola  Pine Forest, Senior
DL: Bryant Gant,  Tallahassee Godby, Senior, 6-4, 195
DL: Frank Estevez, Belen, Senior, 6-2, 215
LB: Ricky Wiggins, Hardee, Senior, 6-0, 175
LB: Darrion Wilson, Wakulla, Senior
LB: Dan Brinson, Palatka, Senior, 5-10, 190
DB: Antonio James, Arcadia DeSoto, Senior, 6-0, 185
LB: Clint Pleas, Tallahassee Godby, Senior, 5-10, 175
LB: Russell Lewis, Belle Glade Glades Central, Junior, 6-0, 185
DB: Christian Blunt, Citra North Marion, Senior, 6-1, 195
DB: Willie Downs, Tallahassee Godby, Sophomore, 6-2, 195
DB: Stefon Filer, Citra North Marion, Senior, 5-9, 165

Class 4A

First Team Offense

QB: Robert Marve, Tampa Plant, Senior, 6-2, 205
RB: Marquise Branton, Seffner Armwood, Senior, 6-0, 220
RB: Byronell Arline, Ridgewood, Junior, 6-0, 220
WR: Derek Winter, Tampa Plant, Junior, 6-2, 185
WR: Riley Hawkins, Pace, Junior, 6-0, 175
WR: Thearon Collier, Booker T. Washington, 5-10, 165, Jr.
OL: James Wilson, Senior, Ponte Vedra Beach Nease, 6-4, 308
OL: Alex Townsend, Tampa Plant, Senior, 6-2, 265
OL: Matt Patchan, Tampa Freedom, Junior, 6-7, 275
OL: Ledeven Kirkland, Miami Booker T. Washington, Senior, 6-5,
OL: Dustin Robinson, Belleview, Senior, 6-2, 305
UT: Stephen Garcia, Tampa Jefferson, Senior, 6-3, 190
PK: Allen Schaefer, Ponte Vedra Beach Nease, Senior

First Team Defense

DL: Martin Wright, Miami Booker T. Washington, Senior, 6-3, 210
DL: Tim Lamb, Tallahassee Lincoln, Senior, 6-0, 310
DL: Torrey Davis, Seffner Armwood, Senior, 6-4, 285
DL: Cody Reider, Daytona Beach Seabreeze, Senior
LB: Petey Smith, Seffner Armwood, Sophomore, 6-0, 230
LB: Brent Thomas, Tampa Plant, Senior, 5-10, 220
LB: Chris Cooke , Pace, Senior, 6-1, 205
LB: Nate Williams, Gainesville Eastside, Junior, 5-10, 205
DB: Chris Kuzdale, Tampa Plant, Senior, 5-11, 180
DB: Sherod Murdock, Tampa Middleton, Senior, 6-1, 175
DB: Brandon Harris, Miami Booker T. Washington, Junior, 5-11,
DB: Ridge Jones, Jackson, Senior, 5-9, 168
DB: Justin Grant, sr., NeaseSize: 6-0, 170
DB: Latravis Washington, Bayshore, Senior, 6-2, 210
P: Thomas Baertschi, New Smyrna Beach, Senior

Second Team Offense

QB: Troy Dannehower, Daytona Beach Seabreeze, Junior
RB: Zach Tronti, Ponte Vedra Beach Nease, Senior,  6-0, 200
RB: Tyson Butler, Fort Myers Cypress Lake, Senior 6-0, 170
WR: Cornelius Gallon, Tampa Plant, Junior
WR: Evan Cromer, Tampa Jefferson, Senior
OL: Chaz Hine, Litha Newsome, Senior, 6- 7, 300
OL: Sampson Genus, Lake City Columbia, Senior, 6-2, 320
OL: Brett Boyette, Pace, Senior, 6-2, 265
OL: Jake Gallman, Pace, Senior, 6-3, 285
OL: Clyde Yandell, Ponte Vedra Nease, Senior 6-5, 304
UT:  Vince Brown, Gainesville Eastside, Senior, 5-7, 160
UT: Luke Rorech, Tampa Plant, Senior
PK: Salvatore DiMauro, Boca Raton, Senior, 6-3, 195

Second Team Defense

DL: Tyler Scarle, Tampa Plant, Senior
DL: Nate Douglass, Milton, Senior, 6-2, 230
DT: Hunter Lampley, Pensacola Escambia, Senior, 6-0, 215
DL: Sergio Joyner, Seffner Armwood, Junior, 6-2, 185
DL: Darryl King, Gainesville Eastside, Senior, 6-0, 208
LB: William Beasley, Milton, Junior, 6-2, 215
LB: Patrick Carter, Tampa Plant,Junior
LB: Matt Lerom, Tampa Plant, Senior
LB: Anthony Gibbs, Boca Raton Senior, 6-1, 210
LB: Caleb Morrow, Pace, 6-3, 215
LB: Brandon Roberts, Winter Haven, Senior, 6-2, 220
DB: James Scott, Daytona Beach Seabreeze, Sr. 5-10, 165
DB: Ken Spigner, Miami Jackson, 5-10, 175
DB: Deshaun Barnes, Tallahassee Lincoln, Senior, 6-3, 200
DB: Eric Lane, Pace, Senior, 6-0, 200
UT: Kyle Harrington, Crestview, Senior, 5-9, 170
P: Sean Poole, Chiles, Sophomore: 5-11, 155

Third Team Offense

QB: Ted Stachitas, Ponte Vedra Beach Nease, Junior, 6-0, 180
RB: Enrique Davis, Lynn Haven Mosley, Senior, 6-0, 220
RB: Henry Sailes, Bradenton Southeast, Senior, 5-7 160
WR: Todd Speight, Bradenton Southeast, Senior, 5-7 154
WR: Freddie Jones, Gainesville Eastside, Junior, 6-0, 170
WR: Alyx Schank, Crestview, Senior, 5-10, 170
TE: Brandon Darling, Gainesville Eastside, Senior, 6-4, 215
OL: Matt Sanders, Crestview, Junior, 6-5, 280
OL: Jared Hamilton, Bradenton Southeast, Junior, 6-3, 310
OL: Josh Hawks, CantonmentTate, Senior, 6-3, 255
OL: Steven Robinson, Tallahassee Lincoln, Junior, 6-3, 300
OL: Luis McLeod, Gainesville Eastside, Junior, 6-3, 325
UT: Nathan Connally, Pensacola Escambia, Senior,  5-11, 165
PK: Tito Zumbado, Tampa Jefferson, Senior

Third Team Defense

DT: DeAndre Johnson, Pensacola Escambia, Senior, 6-2, 248
DL: Tyler Hardin, Tampa Jefferson, Senior
DL: Kyle Dampier, Merritt Island, Senior, 6-4, 275
DL: Jasper Grimes, Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer, Senior, 6-2, 275
DL: Earnest Claridy, Lake City Columbia, Senior, 6-2, 275
LB: Brandon Hicks, Jacksonville Forrest, Senior, 6-3, 205
LB: Sam Bradley, Tallahassee Leon, Junior, 5-11, 205
LB: Xavier Lamb, Tallahassee Lincoln, Senior, 5-11, 215
LB: Matt Coffee, Fort Walton Beach, Sophomore, 5-11, 205
DB: Drew Cumberland, Pace, Senior, 5-11, 170
DB: T.J. Bryant, Tallahassee Lincoln, Junior, 6-0, 175
DB: Auntrell Rollins, Gainesville Eastside, Senior, 6-1, 175
DB: Michael Hagewood, Navarre, Senior, 6-0, 190

Honorable Mention

QB: Austin Grimm, Navarre, Junior, 5-9, 165
QB: Desmond Newbold, Merritt Island, Senior, 5-8, 180
RB: Quentin Samuel, Belleview, Senior, 5-9, 165
RB: Myles Russ, West Boca Raton, Senior, 5-7, 170
RB: Ricky McGee, Tallahassee Lincoln, Senior
RB: Gregory Williams, Naples Barron Collier, Senior, 6-2, 205
RB: Dasmon Williams, Winter Haven, Senior,
WR: Melvin Ray, Chiles, Junior
WR: Jasper Howard, Miami Edison, Senior, 5-10, 168
WR: Donte Rome, Navarre, Senior,  5-11, 160
TE: Willie Gaetjens, Titusville, Senior, 6-4, 235
TE Devon Stewart, Winter Haven, Sophmore
TE: Jake Goray, Choctawhatchee, Senior, 6-4, 240
OL: Jamielle Jefferson, Tallahasee Lincoln, Senior
OL: Levi McFatter, Lake City Columbia Senior, 6-4, 270
OL:  Alex Huffman, Fort Myers Cypress Lake, Senior, 6-0, 230
OL: Derrick Conyers, Chiles, Senior, 5-11, 220
OL: Tommy Wiser, Navarre, Senior, 6-3, 275
OL: Angelo Ganguzza, West Boca Raton, Senior, 6-3, 265
OL: Elmedin Gojcik, Jacksonville Englewood, Junior, 6-5, 275
UT: Leroy Houston, Daytona Beach Seabreeze, Junior
UT: Bradley Wallace, Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer, Sophomore, 6-3,
PK:  Aric Fitz-Coy, Gainesville Eastside, Senior, 6-3, 280
PK: Darren deRochemont, Seffner Armwood, Senior, 5-10, 175
DL: Rene Perry, Lake City Columbia, 6-0, 265
DE: Tommy Kemp. Belleview, Senior, 6-2, 195
DL: Doug Taylor, Pace, Senior, 6-1, 275
LB: John Blatz, Navarre, Senior
LB: Marc Thomas, Tampa Hillsborough, Junior
LB: Cedric Mills, Tampa Jefferson, Sophomore
LB: Diego Lubin, Winter Haven, Junior, 6-0, 200
LB: Chris Kemnitz, Ocala Vanguard, Senior, 5-11, 220.
LB: Carlton Johnson, Lynn Haven Mosley, Senior, 6-2, 200
DB: Cornelius Allen, Milton, Senior, 5-8, 165
DB: Xavier Smith, Cantonment Tate, Senior
DB: Marquis Gamble, Tarpon Springs, Senior, 5-11, 180

Viper strikers!

I know that you need solid defense and good goalkeeping to win in soccer.

But from my experience covering boys' soccer for the past five years, it seems that most of the time the teams that emerge from Dade and win the championships typically have serious scoring punch and I'm talking 2 or 3 stars up front.

A few years ago it was Sunset's Luis Perea, then came the tandem of Nicolas Mosquera and Martin Nunez.

Last year, American had Andres Amortegui and Christian Caporaletti.

Well Thursday and Friday night, I was very impressed with the forward tandem of Shawn Chin and Luis Yamashita. Both players know how to get the ball to each other in open space and create chances even when they seem impossible.

Chin stole the ball twice in front of Sunset's goal in the final and it took tremendous effort by goalie Chayanne Gaitan - and the goal post - to keep him off the board.

The night before he made an acrobatic leaping side kick (Trust me it was sick) to score one of the rallying goals against Gables. A lot of the tallies were created by Yamashita's speed and creativity with the ball. They've got 43 goals combined this year.

They should win their district. The test will come at regionals to see if they can finally get over the hump and make it to state. But I haven't seen as potent a striker duo like the one they have this year. And their coach Matias Asorey told me they are missing Christian Ospina, another top scorer.

Every coach I talk to keeps telling me Coral Park on paper is the best team. Hard to argue with the depth they have with Jair Cabas, Daniel Alcocer, Pablo Punyed and the Castanedas.

And they did deal Varela its only loss. If the Rams can survive the District 15-6A playoffs, I'm beginning to lose any doubt it will come down to them and the Vipers for the right to go to Fort Lauderdale.

But that district is murder and Coral Park would have to beat a young, but skilled Ferguson team and oh yeah, the best district elimination matchup in recent memory that it would create if they beat the Falcons.

Sunset-Coral Park! Yes, one of these teams, not to mention Columbus and Coral Gables, whom are all among the top six teams in Dade. And only two will go to regionals. What a shame, but that's the way the brackets work.

GMAC Bracketology

The GMAC girls' basketball brackets are out, and this year the girls' will play an 8-team gold division and an 8-team silver division.

Here on Dre's Dish on Dade, I share the gold division pairings with you:

Starting Tuesday with the quarterfinals At Miami High:
Braddock vs. Southridge, 6 p.m.

Miami High vs. Jackson, 7:30 p.m.

And at Palmetto:

Norland vs. Coral Gables, 6 p.m.

Palmetto vs. Northwestern, 7:30 p.m.

The winners of the games at each site will play each other in the semifinals on Thursday night at sites to be determined. The championship will be Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Krop.

Here's my prediction.

The best matchup figures to be Jackson vs. Miami High. Stingtown came up with a huge win against Pace Saturday night 40-38 and is on a roll lately. Jackson has proven despite struggles against Nova and Dillard, they're still one of the best in Dade.

Until tonight, I was picking the Generals based on what I've seen this season, but the Baumgartens always seem to get the best of their players at this time of year. I'm calling a minor upset here - MHS.

Braddock-Southridge. I must confess I haven't seen either team yet this year. This one should also be very competitive, but I like the Ridge, which edged out Homestead for this 16-6A runner-up spot.

On the other side, Norland is more than a match for Gables, although it seems that way for many teams in Dade so don't take it personal Cavaliers fans, I'm sure you'll do fine in districts.

Palmetto-Northwestern is an intriguing matchup. The Panthers have had their ups and downs this season, but Gary Armstrong is doing a good job over there. Meanwhile other than against Norland, the West has been strong this season. Another barn-burner, I'm picking the Bulls.

My 2nd round would then feature Norland-NW round 3, and like the first 2, it should go to the Vikings.

Meanwhile, Miami High will advance past the Spartans to set up a clash with Norland in the final.

The Stings have revenge on their minds after last season's playoff loss. But vengeance can carry you so far. It will be a better game than people expect, but after watching Norland beat Boone AND Dillard and looking at how they keep posting wins against some of the state's best. I can't see them slipping here. My champ. pick is Norland.

As for the silver, I'll give you my finals prediction: red-hot Hialeah will continue its recent surge by beating Goleman.

Feel to agree, disagree, be respectful, remember these are just opinions! POST AWAY!


January 16, 2007

finally, some accurate polls

Good to see the latest boys state basketball polls are a little more on target than they've been the first few weeks.

Norland, Ely and Krop make up 2 through 4 behind No. 1 Palm Beach Gardens.

I believe those 3 deserve to be 1 thru 3, but I can live with PB Gardens being there for now since they're 16-1. But Lake Brantley and Edgewater needed to fall a few spots and the trio from Dade/Broward deserved higher than 9 or 10 or unranked.

Northwestern, which cracked the poll for the 1st time, beat Lake Brantley (in hoops too) and Saturday Krop handled Edgewater at the Orlando MLK tourney.

In Class 1A, Calusa needs to be a little higher than 9, but hey that can be worked. At least Sagemont is getting closer to the top spot where it seems they will be anyway on March 2.

One final note: La Salle has a legit shot to go to Lakeland in 3A again.

Without stud Ruben Cotto, they still almost beat "The West," before Wendell Ward shot lights out in the 4th quarter.

And wow, Benito Santiago, Jr. is a player! 6-6 with some vert and a major wingspan. This kid is awesome.

Here's the complete poll:

1. Palm Beach Gardens (16-1) (8) 103
2. Miami Norland (15-2) (2) 84
3. Pompano Beach Ely (14-3) (1) 82
4. Miami Dr. Krop (16-3) 75
5. Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley (15-2) 70
6. Lakeland (16-0) 50
7. Miami Killian (15-1) 44
8. Orlando Edgewater (14-3) 34
9. Miami Northwestern (13-4) 27
10. Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson (no record) 12
Also receiving votes: Jacksonville Sandalwood (15-2) 11, Orlando Oak Ridge (14-2) 8, Winter Park (14-3) 2, Jacksonville Mandarin (11-6) 1, Winter Springs (12-6) 1, Lantana Santaluces (8-7) 1.
1. Winter Park Lake Howell (14-3) (11) 110
2. Gainesville Eastside (18-2) 99
3. St. Petersburg Lakewood (14-2) 86
4. Tampa Wharton (15-1) 66
5. Fort Lauderdale Dillard (15-2) 63
6. Lake City Columbia (16-3) 50
7. Jacksonville First Coast (14-3) 42
8. Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer (12-4) 31
9. Daytona Beach Seabreeze (14-2) 24
10. Tampa Plant (15-1) 14
Also receiving votes: Gainesville (15-3) 9, Jacksonville Wolfson (15-3) 4, Clearwater (15-3) 4, Largo (14-3) 2, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas (14-3) 1.
1. Havana East Gadsden (13-2) (9) 106
2. Lake Wales (15-0) (2) 101
3. Lakeland Kathleen (16-1) 80
4. Cocoa (16-2) 75
5. Milton (17-1) 70
6. Jensen Beach (16-0) 53
7. Port Orange Atlantic (15-3) 44
8. Miami Monsignor Pace (12-5) 31
9. Orlando Bishop Moore (12-5) 14
(tie) Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons (13-3) 14
Also receiving votes: Ocala West Port (13-2) 6, Tallahassee Rickards (9-6) 5, Eustis (12-5) 5, Tallahassee Godby (9-6) 1.
1. Melbourne Florida Air Academy (14-1) (6) 105
2. Gainesville P.K. Yonge (12-3) (5) 104
3. Mount Dora (13-3) 72
4. Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest (14-2) 71
5. Jacksonville Ribault (13-6) 65
6. Ocala Trinity Catholic (15-2) 52
7. Fort Myers Bishop Verot (12-4) 46
8. Williston (13-5) 33
9. Tampa Berkeley Prep (12-4) 24
10. Miami La Salle (11-5) 15
(tie) Pahokee (11-1) 15
Also receiving votes: Orlando Jones (9-8) 3, Plantation American Heritage (13-8) 2, Madison County (10-9) 1, St. Petersburg Catholic (11-6) 1.
1. Jacksonville Arlington Country Day (12-6) (7) 106
2. Community School of Naples (17-0) (4) 102
3. Tallahassee Maclay (15-3) 79
(tie) West Palm Beach Summit Christian (13-2) 79
5. Tampa Prep (13-3) 68
6. North Palm Beach Benjamin (11-3) 49
7. Chipley (no record) 39
8. Mount Dora Bible (13-3) 28
9. Jacksonville Providence (14-6) 25
10. Daytona Beach Father Lopez (12-4) 15
Also receiving votes: Altha (11-4) 9, Lakeland Christian (13-4) 3, Port St. Joe (8-9) 2, Miami Country Day (no record) 1.
1. Lake Mary Prep (16-0) (8) 104
2. Weston Sagemont (17-1) (3) 98
3. Tallahassee John Paul II Catholic (17-2) 73
4. Gainesville The Rock (14-5) 67
5. Seffner Christian (17-1) 65
6. Orlando Christian Prep (15-3) 60
7. Orlando Pine Castle Christian (8-6) 45
8. Clearwater Calvary Christian (15-2) 30
9. Miami Calusa Prep (15-3) 22
10. Miami Northwest Christian (11-3) 15
Also receiving votes: Laurel Hill (14-4) 8, Ocoee West Oaks Academy (15-5) 7, Boca Raton Grandview Prep (14-3) 5, Apalachicola (8-9) 2, Allentown Christian (14-3) 1, Orlando Circle Christian (no record) 1, Jacksonville Potter's House Christian (12-3) 1.

Who's coming with me to Lockhart?

Calling all soccer fans!

Since I started covering Dade soccer four years ago, I can't remember the race to state being this wide open.

The first two years it was Sunset dominance. Then American emerged as the best team toward the end of last season.

Something similar might be happening right now with Coral Park, which has won 8 of 9 with one tie.

But Varela is the most intriguing team to me. Are they finally going to live up to the record and that talent and get to state?

Sunset, Killian, Columbus, Coral Gables, Miami Springs...even young Ferguson have a chance to do damage in the playoffs, but unless something changes, I see the Vipers or the Rams making a push to state.

Who's going to Fort Lauderdale Dade soccer fans?

For the girls, I'm going to go out on a limb and pick Lourdes.

Miami Springs and Coral Reef may beg to differ.

January 13, 2007

True courage

Words like guts or courage are thrown around very loosely in sports all the time. Sure it takes guts for an offensive lineman for example to not cave in when a huge lineman is breathing down your neck.

Or to go over the middle and get taken out by a DB at full speed.

I could sput off a million scenarios of physical courage. But often it's emotional courage that is even more remarkable.

If you want to read a story of that kind of resiliency, check out my story about Northwestern senior Ronald Jackson in today's paper.

This kid, this young man, found out his mom died and hours later was taking an ACT exam and playing in the state championship game. I didn't even know until I stepped on the field to my postgame interviews and his teammates told me. When Ronald came over to where I was standing he was in tears.

I was in tears almost I was talking to him about a few days ago. What's inspiring is how he's handled it and found a way to cope and continue to try to succeed and get into college. He's got a 2.7 GPA and is qualified to go to college. He's playing in the Dade-Broward All-Star game tomorrow. It's a touching story about a courageous kid, who's got my admiration and hopefully that of everyone around him.

catching up and looking ahead at some football

Homestead might be the school with the most Division I signees on Signing Day this year.

Two of their studs committed to Rutgers over the holidays.

Rutgers_logo Defensive back Joseph Nicolas, however, according to Canesport.com is going to visit the U next weekend. It would be a major steal if Miami can sway him. Nicolas played both DB and WR for the Broncos, who had arguably the most talented team in Dade behind Northwestern.

Defensive end Jamiel Farrington was the other Bronco to commit to the Scarlet Knights. Farrington (6-3, 235 pounds) has been clocked at 4.7 in the 40 and is a heck of a blitzer.

The long arm of Greg Schiano once again scooping up some good local talent to Piscataway. Farrington and Nicolas make it four commits from Dade (Central OL Edwin Alvarez and Sunset TE Fabian Ruiz committed months ago) and at least seven from South Florida.

Randy Shannon's impact has already paid off for Miami with their WR signings and locking up Doug Wiggins.

As far as Homestead goes, Alphonso Bryant is still out there (says he's leaning toward the Seminoles and maybe UNC). Also uncommitted is athletic QB A.J. Guyton and monster LB Maurice Harris.

Those guys and others will be at tomorrow's All-Star game at Traz. I'll be there to see one of the best displays of football talent in the state...or the country.

January 10, 2007

on the radio

Tune into 790 The Ticket at 8 pm Thursday night, Chaminade coach Mark Guandolo is gonna reveal the final 6 spots on the NFL Global Junior National team.

That's the event going on Super Bowl week in which Dade and Broward football players will play as Team USA against football players around the world.

And on Friday, Belen plays Columbus in another massively attended rivalry clash - this time boys' basketball at FIU South - as each school continues to try to top each other in every sport.

They've met in football, soccer and now basketball. The one sport they should play in which would probably be a great game is baseball, and probably the most heated.

Late score in girls' hoops

Norland's girls beat 5A power Jackson 62-58 late Tuesday night.

The Vikings aren't doing anything to dissuade people from thinking this finally could be their year.

And how about Jackson 14-3 in spite of losing Carla Stubbs and Bianca Sellers.