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GMAC Bracketology

The GMAC girls' basketball brackets are out, and this year the girls' will play an 8-team gold division and an 8-team silver division.

Here on Dre's Dish on Dade, I share the gold division pairings with you:

Starting Tuesday with the quarterfinals At Miami High:
Braddock vs. Southridge, 6 p.m.

Miami High vs. Jackson, 7:30 p.m.

And at Palmetto:

Norland vs. Coral Gables, 6 p.m.

Palmetto vs. Northwestern, 7:30 p.m.

The winners of the games at each site will play each other in the semifinals on Thursday night at sites to be determined. The championship will be Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Krop.

Here's my prediction.

The best matchup figures to be Jackson vs. Miami High. Stingtown came up with a huge win against Pace Saturday night 40-38 and is on a roll lately. Jackson has proven despite struggles against Nova and Dillard, they're still one of the best in Dade.

Until tonight, I was picking the Generals based on what I've seen this season, but the Baumgartens always seem to get the best of their players at this time of year. I'm calling a minor upset here - MHS.

Braddock-Southridge. I must confess I haven't seen either team yet this year. This one should also be very competitive, but I like the Ridge, which edged out Homestead for this 16-6A runner-up spot.

On the other side, Norland is more than a match for Gables, although it seems that way for many teams in Dade so don't take it personal Cavaliers fans, I'm sure you'll do fine in districts.

Palmetto-Northwestern is an intriguing matchup. The Panthers have had their ups and downs this season, but Gary Armstrong is doing a good job over there. Meanwhile other than against Norland, the West has been strong this season. Another barn-burner, I'm picking the Bulls.

My 2nd round would then feature Norland-NW round 3, and like the first 2, it should go to the Vikings.

Meanwhile, Miami High will advance past the Spartans to set up a clash with Norland in the final.

The Stings have revenge on their minds after last season's playoff loss. But vengeance can carry you so far. It will be a better game than people expect, but after watching Norland beat Boone AND Dillard and looking at how they keep posting wins against some of the state's best. I can't see them slipping here. My champ. pick is Norland.

As for the silver, I'll give you my finals prediction: red-hot Hialeah will continue its recent surge by beating Goleman.

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