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Who said there aren't honest kids anymore?

Every now and again when you think the world is going to, well this is a family blog so I'll just say poop, something happens to restore your faith.

This past Wednesday, I nearly lost my laptop. I was covering Coral Park's district boys' soccer win against Sunset. With a few minutes left in the game I went down to the field and placed my laptop on a table I was sitting at. When the game finished, I went to interview the celebrating Coral Park players and coach Manny Rodriguez. Once I was done about 10 minutes later, I remembered I had left my laptop there. I went back, but realized it was gone. After searching the premesis with the FIU groundskeeper and Coral Park AD Shawn Carney, we found nothing. I asked coach Rodriguez to ask if any of the kids had seen it to get back to me.

The next day I went to FIU to file a police report, thinking it was lost. On Friday, I get a phone call at 8:30 am from Coral Park saying that one of the players had turned it in to the school. Apparently, one of the players had seen a strange bag, asked who it belonged to, and then in the commotion accidentally left it outside.

Here's where it gets better.

A second Coral Park player finds it and again does the honest thing and turns it in.

In either case, they could have run off with it and probably no one would have known.

So to both of you I send you my thanks and props for being such honest individuals.


This often absent-minded sports reporter,

Andre Fernandez