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Who's coming with me to Lockhart?

Calling all soccer fans!

Since I started covering Dade soccer four years ago, I can't remember the race to state being this wide open.

The first two years it was Sunset dominance. Then American emerged as the best team toward the end of last season.

Something similar might be happening right now with Coral Park, which has won 8 of 9 with one tie.

But Varela is the most intriguing team to me. Are they finally going to live up to the record and that talent and get to state?

Sunset, Killian, Columbus, Coral Gables, Miami Springs...even young Ferguson have a chance to do damage in the playoffs, but unless something changes, I see the Vipers or the Rams making a push to state.

Who's going to Fort Lauderdale Dade soccer fans?

For the girls, I'm going to go out on a limb and pick Lourdes.

Miami Springs and Coral Reef may beg to differ.