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Bulls' hopes dashed, but they'll have a chance to be back

If Northwestern avoids its horrendous start, I have no doubt I'd be getting ready to cover them again tomorrow night.

But hey, the future still looks good for NW.

Coach Sam Watts has the program in strong shape again and I expect them to be in contention for the next few years.

Going into next season, Class 6A does not appear to be very overbearing. The only clear-cut superstar as of now outside of Dade might be Ely's Kenny Boynton.

In Dade, there will be tons of decent players, but it could be an open race again.

I think the frontrunners will be Norland, Killian and Northwestern.

Norland will be hungrier than ever after getting eliminated WAY too early this year. Lawton Williams has most of his players back and will have that team back in the playoffs and battling for a trip to Lakeland.

Killian will have to replace a lot of seniors, but then again Bob Kaufman had to do that this year as well. And like Northwestern, this school is back to getting solid athletes year after year in basketball.

That coupled with Kaufman, who to me is one of the best coaches in the state, will be the factor to get the Cougars deep into the playoffs again.

And the Bulls as I said before, will probably be strong. In District 14-6A, Miami High believe it or not will likely be better than this season since Marcus Carreno has some strong JV players moving up.

Killian should win 16-6A again.

15-6A is anyone's guess, but my hunch tells me South Miami, Columbus and Coral Park will vie for the title.

And 13-6A, should be Norland's for the taking.


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steven stewarts

Are you crazy. These suggestions are outrages. How is Krop the former number 1 team in the state not be mentioned at all as a power house once again. They have alot of talent coming back that wasn't seen because of all the great players in front of them. Krop has good guards in Freddy Edwards, Anthon Fortunado, and Eddy Ramos. They also have good big man in Pellipo Groebe, Steven Irigouyen, and chris Duhmarville. So you should reconsider your suggestions once again. This team has as much talent as krops team this year which included all stars javi gonzalez, max groebe. This team just might make it farther and could take states if they play basketball. This team is not selfish and have a deep bench. They will give every team out there a run for their money. So watch out with Krop's basketball team for the 2007-2008 School year

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