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SlamFest answers few questions

After watching some of the state's best at the softball SlamFest last weekend, all I really came away thinking was that Jacksonville Mandarin is good.

They definitely played better than "mighty" Palm Beach Gardens, which lost to Palmetto and Lourdes. Word around the tournament was that neither faced Gardens' top pitcher. But still, this team is supposed to be way better than everyone else in Class 6A this year.

I think Palmetto, Cooper City and Lourdes would beg to differ. Certainly, Mandarin would.

With the exception of Palmetto's loss to Naples Barron Collier, a strong showing by the Panthers, which are still the team to beat from the 305 in 6A.


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Mario Rojas

Hello Andre,
I'd like to clarify some facts that may have been incorrectly stated.You said and I quote "Word around the tournament was that neither faced Gardens' top pitcher", Friday night at Sunniland Park, Palm Beach 's Ace came into the game in the second inning with one out to relieve their starter ( #8 ),Lourdes batters hit a double and 2 singles to score 3 runs before they pulled her out and brought in #12 to close out the inning. I believe if they would have left their ace in the game a little longer Lourdes probably would have scored several more runs.The final score of the game was Lourdes 8 P.B.Gardens 4. I will cont.

Mario Rojas

Lourdes Ace , Diana Rojas, pitched a complete game and had 7 strike-outs and gave up 4 hits and didn't give up a single earned run against P.B. Gardens. She led Lourdes to an 8 to 4 victory. In an early Saturday morning game against Baron Collier she pitched another complete game and had 8 strike-outs and gave up 7 hits and one earned run . Once again she led Lourdes to a 6-3 victory over Baron Collier.

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