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Fifth time's a charm??!

Booker T. looked good.

As some of the faithful readers of this blog already have commented, and I'll say again, Booker T. looked good.

They put together two of the most crisp drives I've ever seen them execute. Sancho McDonald could have thrown up a bunch of lame duck passes and these receivers would have still caught them. The Tornadoes, in terms of depth, may have the best WR, with only Northwestern having an argument in that category.

Nine of the first 10 passes were completions and we're talking downfield passes, over the middle, not little dump-offs in the flat or screens all the time.

And this against a good Dillard team.

End result: BTW 27-6. Probably would have been more had it been a regular season and Ice Harris not taken out the starters by halftime.

Tornadoes defense gave up maybe 5 yards on the ground and only 70 overall in the first half while the starters were in there.

The one part of the game, coach Harris wants to work on is the running game, which had a few strong carries, but not enough of what they were expecting. Sophomore-to-be Eduardo Clements is expected to be the feature back, but the Tornadoes have a few backs they can work into the offense. The line is huge and I was impressed with massive 6-1, 350 pound Jose Jose (yes that's his name) at tackle. He is a cousin of former UM lineman Vince Wilfork, the big VW himself.

Defensively, this is a TEAM. As a collective unit, this squad is tough to move the ball on. Jonathan Jackson and Franklin Brown are fast and athletic and the secondary is fast. They gave up only two big plays down field and both to stud wide receiver Harry Adams, a track and football star at Dillard, whose one of the best receivers in the state.

Again, we're only in the spring, but this was impressive.

Next stop for BTW, South Carolina.