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Just push play

Like a TiVo, Northwestern was on pause for six months. On Saturday, they pushed play and fans watched the same episode - A dominant victory.

It didn't matter that it was the defending Class 3A champions from "The Muck."

Glades Central with all its skill and talent, which they still have despite losing a number of great players, and they could only hang with the Bulls for a half.

The Raiders, who I was told had some choice words for NW before the game, connected on a couple of deep TD passes. But they could not contain NW's offense, which just comes after you over and over. Just like last year, teams may have stalled 2 or 3 of their drives, but this squad will score on 7 of the 10 drives they'll have in a game.

Even the score looked familiar, 42-21. This team put up at least 34 on everyone last year and 41 was their most popular score. The 21 points allowed was 1 more than they gave up against anyone last year.

But consider the opponent. This team was better than 90 percent of the teams they played last year. And NW still overpowered them with ease by the end of the 3rd quarter.

And this wasn't even their best game. The Bulls made a bunch of silly mistakes, penalties, fumbles, even a rare interception by Jacory Harris.

But how good is a team that can commit those errors and still, behind Harris and his sick wide receivers, and the youngsters in the backfield like Tyresse Jones put up 42 points and 412 total yards.

And a defense that records six sacks and has a 6-3, 280-pound lineman, a.k.a. Marcus Forston, that can pick up a fumble at midfield and out run players 90 pounds lighter to the end zone "like Barry Sanders."

It's gonna be hard to stop, no forget stop, slow this team down in the fall.


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They will have to eliminate the mistakes if they want to beat Southlake Carroll in Texas on September 15th.


All of Northwestern's top players are going to UM next year (inside tip). Therefore we are just seeing a preview of what UM will be doing FSU, Florida, LSU and the rest of the country with these incredible players. I am very proud to be a bull!!!


Dear Football Gods:

Rival.com and Scout.com come out with the five star player list, didn't mention not one player from Florida to be (TOP RATED DADE COUNTY FOOTBALL OR FLORIDA PLAYER.) five or four star. If all players from Florida could stay in play football for the U, we could show the country Florida has the best football player world wide. Last thought look at the NFL, what an impact the U made in the professional football league.

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