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Another in a grand sweep by the University of Miami football team?

Jacory Harris committing in June.

Thearon Collier rejecting Auburn and switching to UM.

Granted in this day and age, verbal commitments can change as often as one changes shirts, especially this early. But these fantastic turns of fortune just weren't happening for UM's football recruiting only a few months ago.

There are rumors all over the net that Miami has a shot of signing not only a few, but maybe close to all of Miami-Dade's top recruits - especially the elite from the teams that will begin the season ranked in the nation's top 10 (Booker T. and Northwestern).

Jacory Harris, Brandon Washington and Thearon Collier from what I've read from recruiting sites and from some of the loyal readers of this blog.

Looks like the U will be kicking &%#$ and taking names as recruting continues to heat up over the next few months.

I'm just beginning some summer vacation (notice the 2-week break between entries), but once mid-July comes around I intend to start hitting some of the schools to start preparing next season's coverage.

'07 hs football season promises to be sick!


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Can you check and see who was Miami Northwesterns first All City, All County and Honrable Mention All City Quarterback. Someone said to check the news paper starting back in 1974 or something.

Charvas L. Coley

This is an awesome sign of things to come. Coach Shannon has been working hard to get the U back in shape and this upcoming class could put us over the top and into the BCS right away.

I feel the addition of Harris is huge simply because he is the leader on the NW squad. Johnson and streeter should join but I think Johnson wants to go party in tallahasse.

As for Fortson and the whole defensive massive they could come in and compete ASAP.

Every DB in the county should be looking to sign with the U. We play multiple DB's every year and there will are some NFL early entries on the current roster.

The kid that intrigues me the most id the Sabino, he looks like a monster on the field along with the kid from CHAM Madonna they can make a scary tamdem in the middle. Once these guy's get there Allen Bailey will be a D-end for sure.

I think the Dade County kids get so much attention that they loose focus and listen to those outside recruiter like AUB, ALA Ohio State. This year will be different for sure because the U is the place to be and a new or renovated OB will help us keep home grown talent.

I have to get something off of my chest.

I think the loss of Major Wright, Armondo Allen & Denonte thompson last year really made Coach Shannon open his eyes and get on guys early. Early is the key but you have to remember you have to be a full qualifier to attend the U. Yhis is a tuff institution to get into so some guy;s might go elsewhere simply because they do not qualify for the U.

I need my own column I have too much to say see you later.

Trooper Taylor

If these kids want to wind up like Bryan Pata and wind up in a bodybag, by all means, go to UM. If they want to actually get an education and live a little bit longer, they can go anywhere else. The decision is simple.


This qb from NorthWestern who commited to UM barley weighs 170 pounds? He cant stand a game getting hit buy FSU, BC, GT, and other acc teams


This qb from NorthWestern who commited to UM barley weighs 170 pounds? He cant stand a game getting hit buy FSU, BC, GT, and other acc teams



Anthony Adorno

Trooper Tyler, you're an idiot....what happened to Bryan Pata was an unfortunate situation,and Miami is a great school to get an education and to play college ball for. Its ignorant people like your self that give THE U a bad name. R.I.P Bryan


I agree with you Anthony, Trooper Tyler is a true idiot. Why would you say something like that. People get kill everyday at any college so it was unfortuante on Bryan Pata and my heart goes out to his family.. THE U is back and I want everyone to remember that!!!!

Ice Daddy

Dade County is NFL country............
The University of Miami will be back on the map. Players will be more academic, avoid trouble,move up in college ranking. Thug life is for criminals and UM is an academic institution. UM output: QBs, DBs, LBs, RBs, WRs and Linemen: NFL input: star players, big contracts, better control of NFL rookies and more quality players. Playing in the NFL is not an adventure, but a career. Many are called from the college ranks, but only the worthly few will be selected. The NFL's image of it's players will improve and so will Randy Shannon's commmitment to the UM student family, world-wide alumni and local, resident football fans. Miami needed a change and we're back!! One great football season will kill all the critics. Miami is a big-time city full of celebrities, South Beach parties, cultural diversity and great weather. No more thuggin at the U, we will graduate athletes who are degree completers. The University of Miami has a proud history of sports programs. Let's do what we do best in Miami: "Play Football". UM football players, Let's shut'em down and look at the score board with a smile. If you feel me, throw up your U sign for the television cameras. Ice Daddy on the Mic

The West

Jacory could kiss my hairy white ass. He's going to be worst than brock berlin. He weighs 100 pounds with 6 rocks in his pocket. If you want real talent go to Central, u should've got Tavares Cadet. Hey Sean Spence is a good player!

Petro W. Beacham

I am a graduate of MNW Bulls class of 77.It is so unfair to Jacory Harris that adults would bash him or his talent.Clearly he has proven that he can play the game.Thank you Randy for believing in him.I guess you critics forgot who broke Dade county passing record (A Bull)2.Who broke the most td's in a season (A Bull) Most receiving yards( A Bull) State Champs 2006 and repeat 2007 The Bulls.FYI my son was on that state team !!!A Bull Alumni.


It's good to get a coach in the HC spot that understands the city, and the how to relate to the city's kids. Coker was flat out trying to put girl scouts under the helmet to represent the Miami Product.

Yes the Athletic director may have
mentioned something to Coker about the attitudes, but that meant getting some discipline, not copping out by recruiting girl scouts. The ballers that played under Coker's watch only went to UM because of the tradition, but that quickly wore off.

What Mr. Coker failed to realize, is that it's not about a good interview, when deciding on a scholarship...

It's also not about black or white, it's about the relationship... You build a bridge to offer an education, and the kids come over and are willing to learn and give thier heart to the University despite thier background.

In addition, to coach a kid you have to be able to tap into that kid's mind, show them you care, that you have some things in common with the kids; that you love them. Jimmy Johnson had that, Bobby Bowden has it...Randy Shannon has it!

It's about time we found the person to keep our kids home.

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