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Another in a grand sweep by the University of Miami football team?

Jacory Harris committing in June.

Thearon Collier rejecting Auburn and switching to UM.

Granted in this day and age, verbal commitments can change as often as one changes shirts, especially this early. But these fantastic turns of fortune just weren't happening for UM's football recruiting only a few months ago.

There are rumors all over the net that Miami has a shot of signing not only a few, but maybe close to all of Miami-Dade's top recruits - especially the elite from the teams that will begin the season ranked in the nation's top 10 (Booker T. and Northwestern).

Jacory Harris, Brandon Washington and Thearon Collier from what I've read from recruiting sites and from some of the loyal readers of this blog.

Looks like the U will be kicking &%#$ and taking names as recruting continues to heat up over the next few months.

I'm just beginning some summer vacation (notice the 2-week break between entries), but once mid-July comes around I intend to start hitting some of the schools to start preparing next season's coverage.

'07 hs football season promises to be sick!