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July 20, 2007

Today's Dish on football: Is Billy Rolle the right man to lead the Bulls?

Just like to start by thanking the "Dre's Dish" fans for their readership and participation, especially this summer.

The Dish is one of the top sports blogs at the Herald and I'll continue to try and keep it entertaining and informative as the season begins.

As you may or may not already know, Billy Rolle is back at Northwestern.

Of course, if you are "in the know" around the football community, you probably already knew that by the middle of this week or earlier.

Point being, it's been a wild week since the decision made last Wednesday at the Miami-Dade County School Board meeting.

Now, the question is whether Billy Rolle - the only Dade coach to lead 2 different schools to state titles - can bring stability and turn this team toward a 2nd straight title.

More importantly, however, is can he help the kids maintain the academic and conduct standards that have been put forth.

I think if principal Charles Hankerson puts into action the goals he has stated over the past couple of weeks, the kids will be on the right path.

So I put it up to Dish fans, did NW make the right choice?

Unfortunately that's two teams disrupted by the questionable timing of Rudy Crew's decision.

Item 2:

7-on-7 football

Gulliver Prep had an impressive performance at the adidas 7-on-7 national championship this week in California. The Raiders squad led by Brandon Marti and Donovan Varner reached the semifinals before losing tournament champion Pahokee.

Looks like the Blue Raiders from the Muck will have a shot at the national title on the gridiron as well.

Booker T. with seven players nearly won an elite 7-on-7 tourney recently in New Jersey. They took the eventual tourney champions Don Bosco Prep to overtime. That squad by the way brought over 30 kids to the camp.

Booker T. will be one of several Dade teams, including Central, Southridge, Edison, Columbus, Killian and Norland competing today at Miramar Regional Park at the Miramar 7-on-7 competition.


The Tornadoes are set to make their ESPN debut Aug. 25 against Summerville, S.C. in the first high school football game of the Dade prep season.

That's right, BTW will be on ESPN, not 2 or U or even "The Ocho." And they will play the team with the winningest coach at any level John McKissick, 81 years old and has 543 wins.

The Northwestern-South lake Carroll mega-showdown is set for 7 pm Sept. 15 on ESPNU, to follow the mega FIU-UM rematch at 3:30 pm. (chuckle)

July 10, 2007

Will Northwestern football really be suspended?

Miami-Dade School superintendent Rudy Crew is reportedly considering suspending NW's football team for next season.

Do you think Crew's decision if he goes through with it, is correct? Is it too excessive penalizing this year's team, or is ANY punishment too late at this point, seven months after the scandal involving former RB Antwain Easterling came to light?