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27 posts from August 2007

August 31, 2007

Herald.com - Your new high school football video home

Forget YouTube folks. Miami Herald.com has become the place for Dade and Broward high school football video clips. As some of you may have already seen, new video has been uploaded to our site including clips from last week's kickoff classics.

With the help of Recruitflix.com, we'll have more and more video being uploaded to our site in the coming days including more than 80 interviews I conducted with the top players and recruits in Dade and Broward. All of that, plus individual game highlights from nearly all of the big games in Dade and Broward throughout the season. All of that will eventually culiminate into our high school football show, The Big Show, where we actually have a video story of the week, analysis from Bob and Andre on all that is going on in Dade and Broward from week to week and of course The Plays of The Week.

Hope you guys enjoy it all -- including our new ticker (right below the big banner on the high school page), which updates scores from games we're at from quarter to quarter.

Great shirts

Bemanuel_2Ok, this may be in poor taste for those who lost power during the hurricanes the past few seasons (me included), but the new t-shirts at Northeast made me laugh.

The black shirts worn by many of the parents and fans had the following slogan on the back: "Are you ready for the blackout?"

Yes, for our Dade readers, Northeast's nickname is the Hurricanes.

District by District notebooks

BemanuelThe sentiment is the new capsule format was a poor choice. I got that message loud and clear.

You'll be happy to know that district-by-district notebooks are now on-line with decent-sized notes on every school that attended July's media days in Broward. That means you get quality notes (including quotes) on 42 of Broward's 49 programs.

To access the Broward district notebooks, please visit our main site.

August 29, 2007

Feedback on the previews?

Bemanuel We released our 2007 football previews today.

Any feedback? What did you think? What can be improved in the future?

August 28, 2007

It's Volleyball Time

I'm going breaup the football talk for a moment in honor of the first day of the volleyball season (I know, we all love football, but there are other sports going on). Let us know what your thoughts on the season are. Will Gibbons repeat? How many teams will go Broward send to states? Check out the preview in tommorrows paper, or read it online now, to find out who the top ten teams in the county are, as well as a list of the players to watch.

Live Q&A set to begin at 7 p.m.

The author of the formerly known as Dre's Dish on Dade is back from South Carolina and will be answering questions for the 305, beginning at 7 p.m. and ending at 8 p.m. so please post them here on this entry.

Anything for the 954, please address to Bob Emanuel.



Friday Night Lights is released

Bemanuel_3The first season of Friday Night Lights, the hit show on NBC, was released on DVD Tuesday.

The show follows the Dillon Panthers, a fictional Texas high school team.

The content is racy at times, but the show is enjoyable to fans of high school football. True, there are a few too "soap opera-like" devices in the presentation, but the show is worth the effort to watch.

Friday's Catholic Bowl

Bemanuel_2 Want to know any of the interesting background to Friday's Catholic Bowl between St. Thomas Aquinas and Cardinal Gibbons?

The fine folks over at RaidersPressBox put together a historical brief on the series. It's definitely worth a look.

August 27, 2007

Football on the radio

Bemanuel_4Broward County football fans can follow Friday night's contest between Cypress Bay and Dillard (from Lockhart Stadium) on the radio.

The South Florida High School Football Show will carry the game live on 670 AM Radio at 7. Kickoff is slated for 30 minutes later.

This should be an excellent game. Class 5A Dillard looked very strong in last week's loss to Class 3A state power Glades Central. The Panthers should be much improved from last year's 4-6 squad. Cypress Bay is among the Broward heavyweights in Class 6A.

Football fans will be torn between several top-notch games on opening Friday. St. Thomas-Cardinal Gibbons gets things rolling at 4, followed by Blanche Ely-Boyd Anderson and South Broward-Plantation, both at 7.

Live Q&A sessions

Bemanuel_3 Looks like Andre C. Fernandez, our Miami-Dade guru, and I will host a weekly live question and answer session on the blog.

This exciting feature (ok, mildly entertaining endeavor) will likely take place from 7-8 each and every Tuesday night, immediately followed by former Dade preps reporter Manny Navarro, who will talk about the University of Miami.

Get your high school questions ready. It should be fun.

Post a few questions on here as soon as possible so we can start with a flurry.