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Broward Q&A session

I was thinking of doing this every Tuesday or Wednesday night, maybe from 7-8.

Is there any interest? What night is better? Does anyone care?

I know I'll get one response from the one I like to refer to as "Dizzle," but that will not count.


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Franco Lolan

I'd be down for it. If it doesn't work out, though, couldn't we just email questions, and if you deem them substantive and important enough you could post them along with an answer?

Thomas the Tank Engine

Who is the better running back? Chris Anderson or Jeremiah Harden?

Bob Emanuel Jr.


That would work as well. What I'm thinking is something live. I'll have a few questions ready to go when I start (so you can get some stuff in early).

It's a work in progress. Trying to figure out what system would work the best.

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