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Catholic Bowling

One of the best scenes from the St. Thomas Aquinas-Cardinal Gibbons football game on Friday was the Gibbons band walking in front of Aquinas section of the stands to a chorus of boos, insults and even a thrown water bottle. It was returned ten fold when any member of the Aquinas clan made their way infront of the stands behind the north endzone, which was packed to the rim with Gibbons fans. Yep, its the Catholic Bowl.

As far as the game, you really could not have asked for a better contest - back and fourth scoring, several long touchdown passes, a few 40-yard field goals, scorching 100 degree heat. Yep, perfect. Both quarterbacks - STA's Matthew Becker and CG's Chris Schirripa - did a fantastic job of keeping their teams alive. Definitley a great start to the season.