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District by District notebooks

BemanuelThe sentiment is the new capsule format was a poor choice. I got that message loud and clear.

You'll be happy to know that district-by-district notebooks are now on-line with decent-sized notes on every school that attended July's media days in Broward. That means you get quality notes (including quotes) on 42 of Broward's 49 programs.

To access the Broward district notebooks, please visit our main site.


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That's better Bob. Is Andre going to do the same thing?

miami dade fan

When is the miami dade football preview going to be available online??????


The previews are here:


michael jay

I dont know if this is the right place i should be writing this but some of the stats in the football games are incorrect. Chantz Mack, the quarterback of doral threw an interception yesterday.

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