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Feedback on the previews?

Bemanuel We released our 2007 football previews today.

Any feedback? What did you think? What can be improved in the future?


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I really liked it, especially the info on the small schools like Mater Academy.

cougar prige

watch out for Killian DT Telvin Mobley


last years was better


Watch Out For Pembroke Pines Charter Senior Defensive End David Hitchman

Bob Emanuel Jr.


What did you like better in last year's preview?


it is insane how belen is ranked so low...they played columbus down to the last minute and lost by 1 point!


yo man why is monarch high school ranked at 28 in the county over teams that they beat last year that was really crazy to me i hated that preview

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Remember, it's not where you start. It's where you end up.

Outside of picking the top 5-6 teams, it's honestly a pick 'em for a lot of the rest.


The HS Football preview is not on the website yet.


I didn't like the lack of information on each team. The district capsules sucked. Who are the top players on each team? These kids work hard and deserve to see some info on their respective teams. I won't even get started on the rankings. How do you come up with these things? In the past at least you wrote something about each team.

Bob Emanuel Jr.


I agree with you. We used to do a capsule on each and every team. This year's design went with this clean look. We sacrificed information for presentation.

As far as rankings, they're impossible to do. You kind of rank where you think a team will finish in its district and go from there. Like I said earlier, outside of the top few teams, the rankings are guesses.

Thomas the Tank Engine

At least Jo Goodman isnt continuously putting down STA anymore. Its pathetic that he tried to please everyone else by not giving STA its due.


The presentation is cute, but there is no real information. Lots of fluff pieces. No real insight given. I'm happy you guys are supposedly expanding your coverage but I hope it's not garbage coverage like what we have seen so far. I know rankings are tough, but why then do you even try to rank all 31 "big" schools and 21 "small" schools. The Herald top 20 is enough. Don't humiliate the other teams.

Bob Emanuel Jr.


You bring up a good point. I'd prefer a top 10 in big schools and a top 10 in small schools, with the remaining schools each listed alphabetically with a paragraph on each.

I will suggest that next year.

This is why I asked for feedback. Good stuff. Any other ideas?


Sad,stop the favoritisms! How do you come up with these ridiculous rankings with these kids? Combine info,grades,FCAT,SAT Scores, stats,suspensions or What? Yo dude, unless you have the stats to justify your rankings, you might want to keep your personal opinions to yourself. Total disrespect to Everglades High School our (proven) not opinion, two years straight district champs! Until your favorite team, Cypress Bay High School beat us on the football field, we're the CHAMPS !

Mike (The stats animal)

Don't let 'em get you down Bob, you guys did a fine job with the preview. I think you should of put Creek's Shawn Williams in the top 5 RB's, either with Covin or in place of. I'm confident that Creek will make the playoffs this year which would place them higher than 14, but like you said, its a pick'em after the first 6. Of course, I'm a bit biased as you probably know. Hope to see you guys on Friday night.


I liked last year's better where it listed several players for each school, this year it was merely a tribute the the top programs, not as enjoyable to the lower ranked schools


Bob, thanks for hearing me out. I'm a big high school football fan and sometimes you have to look out for everybody, not just the D1 recruits. I watched the new show and I liked the highlights of all the different teams. Hopefully you will show us highlights of all the big games. Next year the preview should include all of the teams with capsules that include as much info as possible. Tell us about each district race and have the players and coaches comment on the different teams in the district. I would love to hear the coaches take on their respective district. Sometimes the players talk too much trash and it seems like most of the time they are baited into it. Everybody loves controversy, but remember these are kids. They don't know how to act while they are being interviewed. Anyway, thanks again Bob, hope this helps.

Bob Emanuel Jr.


No disrespect is meant toward Everglades. If all goes according to plan, I'll see the Gators play St. Thomas in two weeks. That should be an interesting game.


As I mentioned before, I think the old capsule format was a little better. I will definitely bring this change up to my boss and cite the negative reaction. Thanks.

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