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Herald.com - Your new high school football video home

Forget YouTube folks. Miami Herald.com has become the place for Dade and Broward high school football video clips. As some of you may have already seen, new video has been uploaded to our site including clips from last week's kickoff classics.

With the help of Recruitflix.com, we'll have more and more video being uploaded to our site in the coming days including more than 80 interviews I conducted with the top players and recruits in Dade and Broward. All of that, plus individual game highlights from nearly all of the big games in Dade and Broward throughout the season. All of that will eventually culiminate into our high school football show, The Big Show, where we actually have a video story of the week, analysis from Bob and Andre on all that is going on in Dade and Broward from week to week and of course The Plays of The Week.

Hope you guys enjoy it all -- including our new ticker (right below the big banner on the high school page), which updates scores from games we're at from quarter to quarter.