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It's Volleyball Time

I'm going breaup the football talk for a moment in honor of the first day of the volleyball season (I know, we all love football, but there are other sports going on). Let us know what your thoughts on the season are. Will Gibbons repeat? How many teams will go Broward send to states? Check out the preview in tommorrows paper, or read it online now, to find out who the top ten teams in the county are, as well as a list of the players to watch.


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Bob Emanuel Jr.

Yes, it's become football central here lately. Tell us more about volleyball.


When you want to know what time is it ask out loud and you will here it "It's Cougar Time". Miami Killian Cougar's Girls Volleyball team will represent this year again in States. We need to deliver one big message during this year visit:

Interest in South Florida Girls Sport continues to grow and it's here to stay. So move over boys and give the ladies their time in the spot light.

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