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Live Q&A sessions

Bemanuel_3 Looks like Andre C. Fernandez, our Miami-Dade guru, and I will host a weekly live question and answer session on the blog.

This exciting feature (ok, mildly entertaining endeavor) will likely take place from 7-8 each and every Tuesday night, immediately followed by former Dade preps reporter Manny Navarro, who will talk about the University of Miami.

Get your high school questions ready. It should be fun.

Post a few questions on here as soon as possible so we can start with a flurry.


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Greg Johnson, Jr

Aaron Winchester, the running back for the North Miami Beach Chargers had an outstanding Junior season rushing for over 1,300 yards and 16 TD's.

Should we go ahead and hand Winchester the county rushing title for 2007 right now, or does he have some competition we should look forward to?

Greg Johnson, Jr

Correction: 26 TD's


What do yall think about Godfrey the QB "phenom" from Central? thanks


Who are some of the MNW underclassmen that look to be future D1 prospects?

I know of Jones, Hagrett, and Lamb at RB but who else (especially in the secondary where they are young)?

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Wow, my Broward folks are letting me down. Four Miami-Dade entries and nothing from Broward.


That's cuz the 305 is dominant. Didn't you watch ESPN on Saturday, Bob?

Bob Emanuel Jr.

No, I didn't watch. Wasn't my team.

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