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August 23, 2007


Post your Dade high school sports questions on this as comments and I will post responses live until 10 am


-- Andre


LIVE BLOGS THURSDAY 9-10 am and 3-4 pm; FRIDAY 1-2 pm

I will be answering your high school questions on those times live from the Booker T. bus.

I will attempt to get BTW players to partake in at least the first 2 sessions while we trek up to Summerville together.

So go ahead and post your high school questions about the upcoming hs season between now and 9 am Thursday and I will answer live for that hour. Ask about the season, non-football about BTW-Summerville, about NW-Southlake Carroll.

You name it, just keep it clean. Thank you.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you South Florida!!

August 22, 2007

Byrum a starter

Former St. Thomas Aquinas kicker Wes Byrum was named the starting kicker at Auburn as a true freshman.

Byrum was one of the top kickers in the nation as a senior last season.

In other STA news, Thursday's game against visiting Miami Jackson was switched from Brian Piccolo Stadium to American Heritage. Kickoff remains at 7.

August 21, 2007

A "Big" Facelift

Hello Prep Bloggers, I'm back! I'm Manny Navarro the former High School Sports Writer for Miami-Dade and I'm excited to be back on the high school scene this year helping Andre and Bob cover the biggest stories in both Dade and Broward.

Manny_mugThis year is going to be our best year ever in terms of high school coverage. In the coming days, you'll see a new facelift to our website including individual team pages and player statistics. But that's not all. We have partnered up with Recruitflix.com and will provide video highlights on our website for many of the high school football games this fall. If you want to check out what they do exactly check out this link.

For the past two weeks, I've been working on the first episode of our new online show The Big Show, where I countdown the Top 20 teams in our South Florida Top 20 poll. Every week of the football season, Recruitflix and our Herald Team will team up to provide a half hour VIDEO SHOW that will be available online every Wednesday. This is now run-of-the-mill high school show either. We'll have the Top 10 Plays of the Week, a thorough breakdown of the Games of The Week in Dade and Broward, The Big Story of The Week and five minute Pardon The Interupption style discussion between me, Bob and Andre on the biggest issues of the week.

No high school football show has ever gone this deep anywhere in the country. I hope you all enjoy our improved coverage on MiamiHerald.com. It's something Bob, Andre and myself have been fighting to have for many years and it appears you -- our readers -- will finally get to enjoy the high school coverage you deserve.

By the way, we also have much more planned including Live Q&As with our two high school writers. This week, as Andre heads off to Summerville, S.C. with Booker T. Washington for the big season opener, he will have a couple of Q&A sessions where you can not only ask him questions related to this coming football season but the Tornadoes' trip as well.

I invite you all season to attend the Q&As and provide us feedback on where you think we can improve our coverage. It's going to be a lot of fun.

--> Manny

Strict times at Chaminade-Madonna

Before a recent practice, I dispatched a photographer out to Chaminade. We needed a picture of linebackers Jordan Futch (Miami commitment) and Tarik Rollins together.

As they were about to pose, a member of the school's staff came up to both and told them they were not allowed to participate in the shoot. No, they were not being disciplined for behavior or anything like that. Instead, they were barred from the shoot because of facial hair. What???

Since neither player had a razor to shave, the shoot had to be compromised. Now, they both posed with their helmets under their chin. Members of the football staff apologized for the school's stance but said it was what it was.

So, when you see a picture in the coming weeks of Futch and Rollins with helmets under their chin and think it is a strange pose, now you know the reason.

August 19, 2007

A few reminders: Football, volleyball, etc.

Dish fans,

Some news and a few announcements:

Booker T. coach Tim Harris and Boyd Anderson coach Mark James have been selected to coach this season's Dade-Broward All-Star game.

The game will be Jan. 20, 2008 at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

Dade has dominated of late and leads the all-time series 6-4.

Announcements: Live chats and many other features to the Herald website are coming.

The live chats on this blog will begin Thursday as I venture up to Summerville with the Booker T. Washington Tornadoes.

Also coming next week:

The Swimming preview (Can Belen do it again? Who will bring home the gold individually for Dade County?)

The golf preview (Who are the top squads? Palmetto, Carrollton, Columbus, Coral Reef? Or someone new?)

The girls volleyball preview (Killian going for 3 straight trips to state)

The bowling preview (Any potential state champs in Dade?)

Since cross-country doesn't start until Sept. 10, the preview will come out the following week.

August 18, 2007

The DISH is back for the 2007 High School season

It's been a while and with the football preview, which comes out on Aug. 29, I have been inexcusably absent from this blog.

No more.

In fact, I want to announce some new features coming up.

This season, much like the UM blog on our site, I will be hosting live blog chats to answer questions for one hour each week live from YOU the high school sports fan.

In addition, I will be traveling with the Booker T. Washington football team as they travel to Summerville, South Carolina next week. The Tornadoes are making history as Dade's first team to play on national TV on ESPN.

And when I say traveling with I mean literally. I will be hopping on the bus with the Tornadoes and brining you live chats during the trip. Ask players questions. We will be promoting the times for these live chats in the next few days in the paper as we promote our coverage of this game, which takes place next Saturday, the 25th, at noon in Summerville.

For those of you wondering if this game counts. It does. South Carolina starts their regular season a week earlier than Florida.

Summerville is a favorite this season to win a state championship in South Carolina. Their top WR A.J. Green is rated one of the top three in the nation and is a Georgia commitment. Their QB Reid McCollum has committed to South Carolina to play for coach Steve Spurrier.

And most notably their coach John McKissick is the winningest football coach at any level - 530 wins.

This is the first run at a behind the scenes look at how a game like this is put together. In September, the Herald will also be covering Northwestern's trip to Dallas to play Southlake Carroll in what some are already billing as the national championship.

During this season, I will also have Q&A forums often to give people insight on the personalities of some of Dade's top athletes and coaches.

Dade's preseason starts Thursday with three games, including the battle of Patriots as American travels to Miramar at 7.

American coach Morty Bernstein stepped down recently as he and his family have moved to Michigan where his wife and former FIU tennis coach, Ronni, accepted the tennis head coaching job in Ann Arbor.

Bernstein compiled a 51-37 record in nine seasons at American and led the Patriots to six winning seasons, one district championship and four playoff appearances.

The Dish wishes coach Bernstein and his family the best.

Also like to congratulate Matias Asorey on his new post as FIU assistant men's soccer coach. Over the past two years, Asorey did a great job at Varela, winning a state title last season and winning The Herald's Soccer Coach of the Year.