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Is St. Thomas that good, or is Jackson that bad? The Raiders ran all over Jackson tonight in a 35-0 victory. STA's backs looked good. Real good.

Jackson's organization was not the greatest, however.

A roster arrived halfway through the first half. The Aquinas PA had to ask the band to be quiet four times so the stadium could observe a moment of silence for the passing of Dillard coach Otis Gray before the game. That was embarrassing.


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Jackson is horrible. They looked horrible in the spring and continue to look horrible in the summer. St. Thomas is a very good team so, Jackson should take a moral victory from this, it could of been worse.

Franco Lolan

How was STA's passing game? Any impressive receivers (other than Phillip Pierre Louise who's not very tall, though)? Who was QB? How was the defense?

Bob Emanuel Jr.

STA didn't pass all that often.

The Raiders used three quarterbacks in all, but Becker and Mathews split the time with the main guys. Becker is mobile. Mathews is more of a pocket passer. Both had their moments, but both showed room for improvement.

I don't know which one will start the season-opener. I could venture a guess, but that would betray some info I got in private. I can't do that, so I'll remain mum on a guess.

The receivers are good. Difton and Carter have talent, and Pierre-Louis is a burner.

Should be an interesting season.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

I got an e-mail from someone who complained I was too harsh toward Jackson.

I don't think I was. I asked a basic question. I wanted to know if St. Thomas was as good as they looked versus a good Jackson team, or if Jackson was going to be down this season, in which case the Raiders' accomplishment is diminished because it came against a lesser team.

I think that is fair. It is a question I get from coaches all the time at these kickoff classics. It was said several times to me today at Chaminade-South Broward (see other post).

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