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Football in Lakeland


i am completely impressed by the football operation here in Lakeland.

For those of you who have never venutred north to the land of the lakes, it is simply amazing. The football stadium rivals some small colleges. Lockhart may have a slight edge in seating and layout, but this place has a scoreboard with video. Yes, that's right. Video! The scoreboard has video. Top that Orange Bowl!

As far as a media standpoint, this may be one of the top media friendly organizations in the state. There were seats marked and laid out for local media and visiting media, programs complete with depth charts, food and drinks in the press box. They make you feel like a visiting dignitary here.

Amazing. Tonight will be a pleasure to work.


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Jim Goodwin

Good to meet you two last night. Ask the coach if he plans on stomping on the L in the middle of the field next year. Remind him that 75% of that team is underclassman and they will not forget. How's the Headline coming? "ALL SHOW AND NO GO" OR "POLK COUNTY BEATDOWN".

Lakeland Booster

Actually the headline was

Lakeland Dreadnaughts Stop Talk
Fired-Up 'Naughts silence Cobras with a rout at Bryant Stadium


It's a nice stadium. Still home to probably the best HS football game I've seen in the 97 Lakeland/STA game. Thankfully STA won or we would have had a terrible drive home.

Thomas the Tank Engine

It helps to be a PE magnet school.

Dreads # 1

PE Magnet? Are you kidding.. It really helps to have community support. like 4000 fans in attendance. I see where BA had 1000 for one of their last games. And LHS doesn't have to feed scholarships to the "needy" ( if they run fast or can throw a good spiral )...ain't that so STA ?

Thomas the Tank Engine

They dont have to feed scholarships to anyone because Public school is FREE. Lakelands PE magnet school status allows them to bring in students from anywhere in the State. If I had the tallent I could play for Lakeland and still live in Ft. Lauderdale. Do some research before you start spewing your garbage.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Ah, the St. Thomas Aquinas-Lakeland war of words starts. Just think, only three more months until the two teams could possibly meet for a fourth consecutive championship contest.


There is not a STA fan alive that will ever admit that LHS is a public school, that draws from a limited area and is an excellent football program that has beaten them 5 out of 6 times. Oh yeah, I forgot, we draw from "anywhere in the state" that's why we beat the cry babies at STA. That's why we have beaten them in 3 consecutive state championships (plus the 96 game 40-6). They are a sad bunch.
Lakeland has a population of just over 100, 000 with 4 high schools, 3 of which have their own great football programs. OOPS! I forgot the "FACT"!?*&# that LHS draws from "anywhere in the state" Unlike STA who recruits from a population of several million and that's only in South Florida. Let's don't even bring up the athletes that come from other states (and countries) to STA to play football. Oh no I've started the STA "yeah buts" dance. They may not be the kings of 5A but they are definitely the kings of "yeah but". They have a list of "yeah buts" every time they talk about their 5 out of 6 losses to LHS, one of which was in their own backyard.
They are a tragic group. But then George Smith, his coaches and players set the whinning tone for all of the STA fans. Try at little cheese with that whine, Thomas, it goes down a lot easier.
If LHS never goes to another state championship and STA finally wins ONE (in 5A) the record will still say LHS 4 STA 0. Live with it.
You have been beaten by an outstanding program, better coached, better players, better everything. You have been beaten 3/4 times outstandingly. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON. Quit making your pathetic excuses.
I hate to tell Thomas the Tank, the FACTS aren't on your side. But then when has a STA fan ever depended on the facts to support their excuses for losing.

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