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Football on the radio

Northwestern's home game versus Homestead from Traz Powell Stadium can be heard live on 670 AM (WWFE).

It's the next best thing to being there.



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I see that Prep Nation has 4 Northwestern players on their all american list,while Southlake Carroll has only 2. Does this mean that Northwestern has more talent than Southlake? I'm sure that it does. I am wondering however, how Northwestern,s loss to the Dragons will be explained. Southlake by 2 touchdowns.


I think MNW is overrated and may want to think about not going to dallas next week to save themselve from the embarrassment of being blown out against SLC. I do believe MNW has alot of talent, but SLC offense is just too explosive. Final score: SLC 55 MNW 30

Bob Emanuel Jr.

I have not seen Northwestern play yet, but have a sinking feeling the team may be slightly over-rated.

Yes, I think it is talented enough to win a state championship. But, with the change in coaching staff so close to the season, I think continuity was broken. I think the team will be much stronger in the second half of the season. But, a loss may be on the horizon.

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