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It's here again, The Miami Herald's weekly live question and answer session. Andre is at Northwestern and will be along any minute.

Post your questions, and we'll do our best to answer.

We've got a few from earlier that we'll be taking care of first.

Fire away!


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Bob Emanuel Jr.

Q - Franco Lolan asked: Dear Andre and Bob,
Will STAs running game start to roll against Everglades?
Are you concerned about STAs lack of size? What do you think the STA receivers match up against Everglades' secondary will look like? I'm concerned STA receivers are too short.
Will the team wake up?
Will the MiamiHerald be taking video of the STA/Everglades game?

Talk about rapid fire questions on that one. Let's see:

Everglades has been a disappointment through the first two weeks. The opening week loss to Parkway was not a good sign. No disrespect to Parkway, but I swore that was a typo when I saw the score. The Raiders grounded out nearly 200 yards against South Plantation's defense last week. They should do well again.

The Raiders' receivers are talented. Difton and Carter are solid players. They should be fine. (Can you guess from this that I'm picking STA to win?)

You asked if the team will wake up? It defeated a solid Cardinal Gibbons team in Week One. Then they crushed South Plant last week.

Finally, I'm not sure what games are being shot yet. Can't answer that, unfortunately.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Andre will be here momentarily to answer Dade queries.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Q - BMC and hs fan asked: When's the next episode of the Big Show gonna be on?

A: Good question. I wish I had an answer. It's a question I ask several times a week. I'm told it will be soon, possibly next week. I wish I had a real answer for you, but there's been a few holdups that I really can't divulge at this point.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Q – BMC asked: Also who is the sleeper kid that didn't play last year that has started out fast and may end up being the BIG surprise for 2007 and may make UM happy?

A: I think it’s too early to tell who a sleeper is. There has only been two games thus far (one for select teams). You have to wonder when you see early season results if a kid got lucky and broke an 80-yard run to inflate his stats or if he has been as good as advertised. Check back in Week Five or Six.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Any new questions? I've run out of things I can answer. There are a few waiting for Andre.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

(For Andre)
Q - Jim asked: What do you think about miami high stingerees football team,who are the best players on the team, and they they have a chance of winning the district

Q - Luis asked: I would like to know why the Coral Gables Cavaliers aren't in your Top 20. They were in it last year, and if I'm not mistaken, I think they even broke into the top 10 by the end of the season.
This year they dropped out without an explanation. They're the defending District Champions, yet you have two other teams in their district ranked. Two teams which they beat last year. And no offense to Miami Springs, but they only won 3 games all of last season. And those wins came against a 3 win Dr Krop, a 2 win Ferguson, and winless Miami Beach. Sure they're better this year, but when you're that bad, how much of an improvement can you really make?
Gables is riding a 9 game (excluding playoffs) winning streak in which they've defeated their opponents by an average of 19 points (20.5 this season). And they don't even get consideration? Come on guys, show these kids some love. I believe they deserve it.


So Bob....how is Cypress Bay looking with new coach Mark Guandolo


On the Coral Gables question:

Coral Gables probably should be among the under consideration teams in our poll, especially if they go 3-0.
Columbus was already ahead of them in our preseason rankings since they were favored to win the district.
And Miami Springs had a quality win by thoroughly dominating Hialeah a team that went 8-2 last season.
With district play about to start, we'll see just how good each is.


As for Miami High, I have not seen them play, I do know they have solid offensive lineman named Oscar Ceballos and Chris Guillaume. Size and experience are things they've needed badly in recent years.
At 1-1, they hung in there with a decent Palmetto squad before losing last week.
I don't think they're there yet as far as beating the district's top teams like Columbus, Gables and Springs, but they've shown improvement.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Q - Roman asked: So Bob....how is Cypress Bay looking with new coach Mark Guandolo

A: Cypress Bay will be fine. The Lightning was up 26-13 on Boyd Anderson wit 10 minutes to play. BA recovered an onside kick at the end and scored to get the win.

The two teams are VERY close. Add in Deerfield Beach, and you have three powerhouse 6A teams in Broward.


Q: Do you think that Central will have a chance this year with the West, (with there new coaches and quarterback)??

A: I think the Rockets are going to impress people by how ready they will be for big games like Northwestern. They played very well last week for a half against Booker T.
Central is young but very talented. I don't see them getting it done this season against the West, but they are definitely the team of the future.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Well, that about wraps us up. It's 8pm. Time to sign off. See you all next week.


may be boooker t is not all that good after all central was goin beat them




Who will win the SLC Miami NW game?

jordan thompson

what is with Chaminade Madonna?

They was a powerhouse of Florida? Why are they 1-2 now

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