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Live question and answer session

Join Bob Emanuel Jr. and Andre C. Fernandez for a live question and answer session tonight between 7-8.

I will answer all your Broward questions, and Andre will snap off your Dade answers.

Can't make it, but still have questions? Post them here and we'll get to them.


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What happened to the weekly highschool update show, THE BIG SHOW? We're 3 weeks into the season and nothing new. Also who is the sleeper kid that didn't play last year that has started out fast and may end up being the BIG surprise for 2007 and may make UM happy?


What is the update on MNW team? How are they liking Dallas? Are alot of people approaching them about the game? If so, what is everyone saying now that they are there?
What did the team think of the SMU Ford Stadium?
Any updates would be nice!


there is a rumor that the game will be broadcast on tape delay on ESPN2 at 9.Is this true?


After watching the first quarter, who do you think will have the edge to win the game eventhough Carroll have the lead for now?

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