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Predictions can be dangerous

Before Boyd Anderson's visit to Lakeland last week, I sat down to write my prediction column.

The Miami Herald makes its prep writers, Andre C. Fernandez (Dade) and Bob Emanuel Jr. (Broward), publish our picks on the first day games are played on a given week.

I knew Lakeland returned just four starters and had seen Boyd Anderson defeat two very good teams. So, naturally, I went with the proven commodity (to me) over the unknown. I picked Boyd Anderson to win 26-24.

I got to Lakeland and saw the Dreadnaughts play. Wow. I was wrong. I ventured down to the sideline in the fourth quarter. The press box is on Lakeland's side of the field, so naturally that is where I went to take the stats for the conclusion of the game. Big mistake!

The Lakeland players read my prediction. Without them knowing who I was, they kept asking each other, "Where's Bob?" One of my media cohorts pointed me out. I had players from Lakeland coming up to me the remainder of the game. Most were good-natured about it. A sampling of the comments:

"Hey Bob. How's it going?"
"Hey Bob. Look at the scoreboard."
"Bob, think we're still going to lose?"
"Oh, you're Bob. Your prediction was a little off."
"Bob, what's up with us losing?"

I only had one player who took offense to my prediction. I think he desired to inflict some sort of physical harm on me until his teammates and aforementioned media cohort told him to buzz off.

Yes, predictions can be dangerous.