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Predictions can be dangerous

Before Boyd Anderson's visit to Lakeland last week, I sat down to write my prediction column.

The Miami Herald makes its prep writers, Andre C. Fernandez (Dade) and Bob Emanuel Jr. (Broward), publish our picks on the first day games are played on a given week.

I knew Lakeland returned just four starters and had seen Boyd Anderson defeat two very good teams. So, naturally, I went with the proven commodity (to me) over the unknown. I picked Boyd Anderson to win 26-24.

I got to Lakeland and saw the Dreadnaughts play. Wow. I was wrong. I ventured down to the sideline in the fourth quarter. The press box is on Lakeland's side of the field, so naturally that is where I went to take the stats for the conclusion of the game. Big mistake!

The Lakeland players read my prediction. Without them knowing who I was, they kept asking each other, "Where's Bob?" One of my media cohorts pointed me out. I had players from Lakeland coming up to me the remainder of the game. Most were good-natured about it. A sampling of the comments:

"Hey Bob. How's it going?"
"Hey Bob. Look at the scoreboard."
"Bob, think we're still going to lose?"
"Oh, you're Bob. Your prediction was a little off."
"Bob, what's up with us losing?"

I only had one player who took offense to my prediction. I think he desired to inflict some sort of physical harm on me until his teammates and aforementioned media cohort told him to buzz off.

Yes, predictions can be dangerous.


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Thomas the Tank Engine

See the type of ppl that are on Lakeland's team??? A player had to be restrained because of a bad prediciton? Bob something smells about that program.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Note: I didn't say he had to be restrained. I think he was just talking and trying to intimidate me. No one restrained him. People simply told him to cool off and forget about it. He walked away on his own.

Don't twist words and take "told him to buzz off" and make it into "had to be restrained."

I actually found the players to be quite cool. Even those who gave me some grief about the prediction were nice about it. They were being sarcastic to me. But they were friendly. Most of them even shook my hand.


Lakeland has a hell of a program. They are coached well.


Hey Bob, I was wrong, after watching the film, the field goal was good. But I still feel the home cooking by the officials was really bad. Also, I would like to know who at the state level would allow 8 home games for any team. That is a bit rediculous.



Thomas the Tank Engine

My bad bob, I misinterpreted your post.

naughts # 1

No one at the state level allows a team to have 8 home games. The FHSAA tells the schools what weeks district games will be played, and then schools schedule each other to fill the rest of the weeks. So why does Lakeland have 8 home games? It is a simple answer....FAN SUPPORT. Four South Florida teams ( Boyd Anderson, South Dade, Killian, and Okochobee ) were scheduled this year. Basically, they make more money coming to LHS to play than they can make at a home game. BA signed a 2 year deal. with both games here. So if you want to level the playing field, get off your butt and SUPPORT YOUR TEAM. I live 1 mile from Lake Gibson HS. but LHS is a better atmosphere. And if I remember correctly, LHS traveled to Miami 2 straight years to play your best ( STA ) and came away victorious both times. 'nuff said.

Thomas the Tank Engine

You didnt come down here to play sta. IT WAS THE STATE FINALS. YOU DIDNT SIGN ON TO PLAY A REGULAR SEASON GAME IN SFLA. once again do some research before you post


The reason Miami and other south teams come to Lakeland is for th All mighty DOLLAR!!
Most teams would not be able to travel that far if the home team ie LAKELAND didnt pay them more MONEY. Dade county schools wont pay for a bus to come that far for a regular season game. When you come to a game every week and there is 4 to 5 THOUSAND spectators you make MONEY!!! very few games in south florida have that attendence every week. You can talk all the trash you want but contact your county school board first, I did. The schools from the Miami area plays were asked by Lakeland to come to Lakeland to play. If the Miami schools had asked Lakeland to play then the game would have probably been in your town.

naughts #1

Well, I'm sorry traveling to Miami for a play-off game doesn't qualify as coming to Miami to play a football game. Like I said, get off your butts, SUPPORT YOUR TEAM, and raise some money so your team can invite LHS down to play you. We went to Ohio last year amd beat one of their best teams. And if BA is an indication of your 6A juggernauts, we'll let the scoreboard speak for itself. It looks like the Miami tanks are running on empty..


BA is not the best or one of the best in 6A. They are a second tier team. They have never won anything or been past the third round of the playoffs. The best in 6A is in Dade County. When ever Lakeland is ready we are ready. Lakeland is a great program, but the would not beat the best in Dade. That '06 Lakeland team did not want to play the '06 Northwestern team. It might not have been that close.

naughts #1

If Lakeland is willing to travel to Ohio to play Cincy St. X., or the almighty Hoover, I don't think they would shy away from NW. Before playing LHS. BA was # 2 in 6A. Also, LHS is in the same district as #3 Lake Gibson, and #4 Osceola. Don't think LHS has an easy ride . These are 3 of the top programs in the state, year after year,


the only reason lakeland is good and that the games are packed is wen ur in hickville aint nothin else to do but football and eat at all tha buffet places

naughts #1

Hey KROP...I see you dropped the Dr. title.. maybe you realized you weren't worthy of any title after you got your butts beat here lsst year. Seriously, though, congrats to Killian, they gave the 'naughts a good game. They will be a team to look out for next year. Now to the meat of the schedule...Lake Gibson, Osceola, Ridge, Kathleen. Hope to see you guys in Orlando in December,

cougar prige

from what i hear The Killian Cougars have a two year contract against the Dreadnaughts, which i have come to realize is a british battleship. So LHS look out next year.

shawn stokes

yea i totally agree with the whole predictions being not so predictable..
your predictions for this week about dr.krop lightning was American 21,dr.krop 7
boy were you wrong.
everything you predicted was vise versa..
if you want i can help you with those predictions next week..
that way your accuracy can be a little more believable


SOUTHWEST? What is going on with them? in 4 games only allowed a total of 20 points, while themselves scoring over 140.. who would of known they would start off so well.. lets see if they can keep it up.

its good to be Chris Rainey

haha thats sounds like lakeland
big heads and big egos
oh btw in respose to
"LHS traveled to Miami 2 straight years to play your best ( STA ) and came away victorious both times. 'nuff said."

look at the replay 'nuff said

ps: STA has a huge fan base and we still dont get any exceptions to FHSAA rules
and i still love that video of Chris Rainey geting his bell rung

naughts #1

Gee. and I still love the replayS of LHS holding the 5A trophy in the air 3 years in a row,,, all wins against what team ? 'nuff said

its good to be Chris Rainey

like i said check the replay
that last one had to be prety hollow
i like how that last play kept going up on the mega tron and still you think your better than us
but ill let you kiss the 2007 state champ ring after we finish embarasing you boys
just make sure you guys are ready for those onside kicks now,and try to keep up

have fun recruiting from that big ole county you got up there

naughts #1

Gee, if LHS recruits from this big ole county up here, where do Kathleen, Lake Gibson, Winter Haven. Frostproof, and other Polk County powers find anyone to play on their Top Ten programs? And who sets the boundaries where STA can recruit from? The Pontiff? I think as you get older, your memory is getting fuzzier. Try to get a copy of the broadcast of the game. The official on that side of the field NEVER hesitated in his placement of the ball. It was clear to him the player never crossed the plane of the goal line. Just think, if your coach had gone for the chip shot field goal and forced another overtime against the battered 'naughts, MAYBE....but he didn't and LHS WON. GET OVER IT! LHS in a definite rebuilding year, don't be suprised if we lose to Lake Gibson, but we will win a championship in Orlando , but maybe next year...

its good to be Chris Rainey

yea ok because im sure the line ref could see perfectly even though the reciever and the d back were clearly blocking right in front of him but whatever say what you want if you can live with a false title thats your deal not mine i happen to have a copy thats been expanded and blown up thank you

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