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Travelin with Bulls football team, part 2

The Bulls have landed!

After a smooth flight on AmericanAirlines (with the exception of one thrilling ride through some turbulence right around the Gulf of Mexico), NW has headed to its hotel where it will have some team meetings and then hit the sack after a long day.

The hype for this game here is palpable. About 5 or 6 people randomly came up to the NW players asking, hey are you the team from Miami? The one that's gonna play Southlake Carroll. Some wished NW luck since apparently the Dragons are the team to hate in some circles.

The Miami Herald will be posting pics on the website www.miamiherald.com/hssports on the weekend, bringing you coverage of the big game here in Dallas.

I'm planning to do a live blog from 6-7 pm tomorrow night to answer questions from Dade fans live here from Dallas.

But I need to hear from ya 3-0-5. Let's represent on the hs sports blog.

-- Dre


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Keep the updates coming! This is great! I hope they enjoy Dallas! Take them for some BBQUE!

anthony edwards

I came out in 1983, currently stationed at ft hood, texas, Im am so proud of the young men at MNW. Cant wait to stand tall and proud at the game. The bulls are and always will be a source of hope, pride and strength in our community.

Franco Lolan

I'm an STA Alum, but I'll proudly support the Bulls on this one. Go Bulls!
(You guys need to tell Manny to drop the awkward and almost inane questions in the interviews [i.e, Is race a problem? What's your GPA?]) Keep up the great work!


A (Not so proud of our recent seasons) Coral Park Alum. Just wishing NW the best against a team that's very very good.

Wanted to ask which set of big uglies do you think will win? Well, have fun and look after the boys!


Good post Anthony E. from another fellow 83 Grad Jeff Washington. Bulls Pride.


A Texas high school football fan here, giving my two cents on this game.

I've not seen the Bulls play, but I've seen plenty of Southlake over the years.

First of all, yes, they are indeed hated in some circles up here. They are a high school of privilege in a wealthy town, with money to burn, the best facilities around, and tons of tradition.

Since moving up to 5A (highest level), Southlake has lost one game, that was to Katy High School in '03. However, they have been involved in some close games in their other 81 victories.

Southlake has the toughest time against run-heavy, smashmouth teams. Katy and Euless have given Southlake fits over the past few years. While Katy likes to run but is rather balanced, Euless is smashmouth. They came one point away from Southlake in last year's playoffs. Austin Westlake, a balanced offense, led Southlake at the half of last year's state final. However, Westlake's defense wasn't nearly as stout as Katy or Euless had to offer.

With that being said, it seems that the Dragons play their best against spread offenses.

In order to beat the Dragons, you have to keep their offense off the field, and when they are on the field, you have to keep from giving up the big play. Everyone talks about Southlake's offense (like I have), but their defense isn't bad, either. The place to hit the Dragons is right up the middle.

Teams that do run the spread have better luck spreading them out and running than throwing the ball 35-40 times. Teams do not beat the Dragons by trying to outscore them...you have to keep their offfense off the field.

Newton is a good running back, but a bit overrated because of his name and he also takes advantage of defenses who are thinking pass first.

QB Dodge is fast, quick and can throw. He had 5,303 total yards last year, throwing for 54 TDs and rushing for 13.

While their stats are mind-blowing, they do have some downside. First being they are without the orchestrator of the program, Todd Dodge, who moved on to coach at North Texas. While the new coach is familiar with the system, he's not Dodge.

Also, they didn't look particularly sharp last week, falling behind 10-7 before scoring 35 unanswered. They are notoriously slow starters in games...if they fall behind too much they'll have a tough time coming back against a team the caliber of Northwestern.

Anyway, my two cents...

Franco Lolan

Thanks Rhinosaur!


GO BULLS! Represent the state of Florida, city of Miami, and, of course, the future of the U! Whoop some rich, preppy Texas a**


Answering the question about the "big uglies."

Northwestern has more size on its o-line, as for the Bulls' d-line, guys like Marcus Forston will have to live up to their talent, cuz those Dragons linemen look pretty big, especially at the tackles.


It will be fun to see this SLC team slowly disect this MNW team.

Who would think a bunch of slow white boys could do that?

They aren't as slow as you think..... :)

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