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All-Time, All-Florida team is coming

I've had the pleasure of working with some of the top high school authorities in the state - including Buddy Collings and Bull Buchhalter of the Orlando Sentinel, Brian McLaughlin of the Daytona Beach News Journal, Jack Watford of the FHSAA and Steve Dorsey of the Palm Beach Post - over the past few weeks to begin the selection process of the greatest football players to ever take the field in Florida.

The format of the team is taking shape, as are the players who deserve to be on it.

Announcements of all the honorees will take place during the two weekends of the state football championships in Orlando in December.


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andre just a question, do you know if anyone is recruiting jaren jones of columbus. i know he is spliting time w/ gore. but he is still putting up big numbers each week. any idea?

Franco Lolan

Did you guys just drop off the blog map the last two weeks?

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Yes, been too busy working on stories for the paper. It's a hectic time with the fall seasons ending, playoffs, all-county teams, the new season beginning, previews, and everything else.

Yes Sir

Bob Emanuel you guys better not screw #5 Emannuel Sourrin from Norland and #55 Sean Ferguson this year in the All-Dade selection. I know you guys LOVE Howard from Krop but come on what has he did in Big games?

Mike Archer

Lamont Green is the only player from Miami to win USA TODAY Defensive Player of the year. 1993 He was also first team all dade 3 years in a row 92,93,94 also first team all state 92, 93, 94.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Yes sir, I don't pick the All-Dade team. That's Andre's job.


Andre since I know the coaches vote on all dade selections I guess if you dont have a good relationship with other coaches some kids get screwed? What if coaches dont turn in stats I know some defensive coaches dont submit stats on tackles.

Mike archer

Yes sir, Dont worry about Travis Howard from Krop he is a big time player he has comitted to Ohio State and Sourrin from Norland is an average player, What position does he actually play? Do some research Howard making first team all dade ia a no brainer

Yes Sir

Mr. Mike Archer do your research Sourrin from Norland has 14 ints in his high school career and made 3rd team(should have been 2nd team) all-dade last year. He plays every position. He has 3 ints, one for td this year. He shut down Kraps best wr(lmao). I hear his nick name is "Super" in Miami Gardens. Howard did nothing last year and has not impress me at all this year. I like Walker from Homestead much better.


Yo Andre whats up with all the Braddock people talking all that smack when they cant even stop Andy Jimenez and beat Sunset, Anyways whats your take on the district title game? Also, is the game going to be friday like its scheduled everywhere or saturday?

Mike Archer

Yes Sir, I guess the college scouts dont know anything then. Why is Howard from Krop one of the states top recruits and those other guys arent. Oh maybe its because his SAT score was above 1000. Thats why he can commit now and others arent being recruited!

Stop watching little league football!

Yes Sir

Mike Archer,

I can name thousands of college recruits who were busts. Howard is liked because of his 40 time and average skills.

P.S. I am a High School Football Coach who has 9 former players in the NFL ( 3 were drafted in the last draft!) I KNOW FOOTBALL!

Yes Sir

Hey Bob and Andre do not forget the 2 Davis brothers from Southridge or Sedrick Irving from Miami High! Those are three of the top ten backs in Florida High School History!


@Mike Archer

Kenny Phillips was last Miami kid to win USA TODAY DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR samrt guy.

Do your research!!!!!!!!!

Mike Archer

Tee Draper, you are right I didnt do my research. But Yes Sir, stop worrying about Howard from Krop. You guys have the best player in Dade county and you cant get him the ball (Xavier Rhodes) thats who you should be excited about

Bob Emanuel Jr.


Please post generic things and thoughts on the current players on the bulletin board post. This is intended for any discussion on all-time greats.


Mike archer

Troy Davis, Darren Davis, Lamont Green and Sedrick Irvin were all apart of the Southridge state Championship team in 1993.
Green was the player of the year for the nation and Troy Davis was the player of the year in the state.


Yall Need to add Corey Kinsey From Palmetto senior high school..(1999-2001) he is 2nd or third all time in dade county for career rushing yards behind Frank Gore(1999-2001) and possibly Antwain Easterling(2005-2007)..

Football Guy

What about Cory Fuller of Miami Palmetto for LB? Or Micheal Barrow of Homestead SR. for LB?


sedrick irvin and lamont green gotta be first teamers


How about Brett Periman (MNW) Busta Rymes (MNW) Antonio Bryant (MNW) V.Morency (MNW) Nate Webster (MNW) Tony Martin (MNW) Melvin Bratton (MNW) Tolbert Bain (MNW) Harold Miles(MNW) Samson Howard (MNW)and the list goes on and on.Check us out.WERE TAKEN OVER

Bob Emanuel Jr.


Sedrick Irvin, Troy Davis and Darren Davis are not under consideration. Running back is LOADED in this state's history -- Edge James, Emmitt Smith, etc. Frank Gore is under consideration.

Kenny Phillips and Lamont Green are also under consideration.

A list of the Top 100 will be worked on this week by the committee. From there, the All-Time, All-State team will be named. There will be some component of fan voting, which I'll keep you updated on.

The Top 12 Coaches were selected. Top 12 Teams will be picked tomorrow.

It's an exciting process, and one I'm glad to be a part of. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of worthy football players that will fail to crack the Top 100, so do not take any omission personally.

Football Guy

For Top Coaches Fraizer of Miami Carol City has to be picked! He is like 3 for 5 in State Championships. 97-98 Miami Carol City team has to be in the top 5 also.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Coach Frazier is one of the 12.

Which year for Carol City?

Football Guy

97-98 Miami Carol City team(second str8 champion year)

Football Guy

I also love 06-07 Lakeland squad. Just wish they could have played better Miami schools, like Booker T.,evil empire Northwestern, or even Central. However that team was a team! They were well coached and strong. They made Norland's beast rb Hannibal Beauford look like a jv player in the NFL!


In 1993 I remember Lamont Green won the Sam B. Nicola award from the Columbus, Ohio Touchdown Club. It goes to the nations top prep football player. Green was also the prep defensive player of the year from the Columbus Touchdown Club. Peyton Manning was the Offensive Player of the year.

Alberto Saldivar

Take a step back to the 60's. There was no defense for Gables QB Larry Rentz.

anthony (j jonah) edwards

Please ensure we the avid fans are allowed to view your top 100 greatest player list...id like to see how many bulls are on that list go bulls


In 1994 I attended the Florida -vs- Georgia high school all star game in Orlando,FL Lamont Green from Southridge Sr. played the best game I have ever seen a LB play in 25 years of coaching high school football. I am from Penn. St. territory and still I have not seen a better LB.


Is this team going to be based on what they did in high school or after high school?

I respect E.J. and Emmitt, but to say that Sedrick Irvin, Troy and Darren Davis are not under consideration is ludacris. Pleased don't forget that These boys played quality 6A football in Miami.

And Yes, Class rankings and regions do make a difference. Football in Miami is not a cake walk like it is in other parts of lorida.


Is this team going to be based on what they did in high school or after high school?

I respect E.J. and Emmitt, but to say that Sedrick Irvin, Troy and Darren Davis are not under consideration is ludacris. Pleased don't forget that These boys played quality 6A football in Miami.

And Yes, Class rankings and regions do make a difference. Football in Miami is not a cake walk like it is in other parts of lorida.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

I respect your opinion, but this list is about the greatest players in the state's history. Out of the top 100, there will likely be 10-12 running backs. Considering football goes back 100 years in the state, you have to expand your judgment beyond just Dade or Broward County.

The Davis boys and Irvin were great players. I'm not going to argue that. But, to quote Men in Black, we're looking for the best of the best of the best.

Also, the list encompasses their whole career with a heavy emphasis on their high school exploits.


brian griese at qb, and adrian mcpherson. and running backs: frank gore, troy davis. wr:ryan moore from dr. phillips and fred rouse.


i gott put jacory harris at quarterback because he's the first qb to make elite 11 camp



1996 Heisman Trophy Race. Danny Wuerffel 1,363 votes, Troy Davis 1,174 votes.

2 Florida High School football Players first and second in the Heisman Race.

They need to be on that squad.

Bob Emanuel Jr.

BigBaby, Sorry. Troy Davis is not making it. He is not even under consideration from the committee. His name did come up in initial nominations, but he was passed over pretty quickly.

Rick, of your nominees, only Frank Gore looks likely.


I think that Mike Phillips is a good guy to have on the committe he was the writer that covered most of the top players in Dade in the 90's.


What about Markeith Cooper. He was around during the days of Sed Irvin and Darren Davis, and got more yardage than both of them. Don't forget he broke both the single game and single season rushing records during his senior year, not to mention he was a state champion wrestler. Also it is hard to argue that anyone in dade county football was more dominant than Najeh Davenport during the 1996 season. Of course he is injury prone and only played 1/2 a season that year but did rush for over 1000 yards and Central went 5-0 with him and 0-5 without him.

Big B305

I definelty agree with the nomination of Palmetto's Markeith Cooper

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