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Bulletin Board

How about we try something new?

Let's use this thread as a bulletin board-styled spot to post questions/answers/debates.

Fire away!


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andre, do you know if anyone is recruiting jaren james at Columbus... if so do you think FIU should try recruiting


Andre is the Southwest vs. Braddock game gonna be friday or saturday because you guys wrote that its gonna be saturday but from what I have seen there is already a game scheduled for saturday at tropical park and on every schedule the game is still scheduled to be played friday?

Columbus Alumni

CJ just so you know it is Jaren Jones not James.

Franco Lolan

Glad to see you guys are back.
What do you think STA now has to do in order to get ready for playoffs (not counting being victorious in the rest of the regular season)? Practice a ridiculous number of new and trick plays? Spectacular plays from new or existing formations that Manattee and Lakeland (should we get there for both) will have never seen us play with. Clamp down on the special teams? Get the defense to stop allowing opposing teams to do as they please?


my bad columbus alum

Football Guy

Has anybody notice that Southridge players do not live up to their hype and make it big in the NFL and sometimes even college? Players like the Davis brothers(all three), Lamont Green, Courtland Bullard, Sedrick Irving, Dale Hale, Q. Humphries, and etc... The only player who has a football career is Jamel Cook. It makes you wonder were these guys peaked earlier or BACO was in business way before Bonds(Just a joke,lmao)? But seriously has anybody noticed this besides me?


I read Manny Navarro's article on freshman at the U. Anyone know how Leonard Hankerson is doing?

Bob Emanuel Jr.

Just passing this along:

Arena Advertising and Sports Marketing is proud to announce the fourth season of "The South Florida High School Football Show," kicks off this Friday November 2, 2007 with the broadcast of the "Game of the Week" Northwestern VS Hialeah. The broadcast airs LIVE from Milander Stadium at 7:00pm on WWFE 670AM with the weekly wrap-up TV show to air on Saturdays at 8:30AM on ESPN2, and will re-air live online at www.southfloridahighschoolfootball.com


I just saw the replay of the STA-Deerfield beach game. Apart from the fact that the defense was raped, why the heck are we missing extra points?! What is going on?

Columbus Alumni

just letting you know

Mike Archer

@ football guy

Have you ever played sports? IRVIN, GREEN, AND THE DAVIS BOYS ALL MADE IT. They probably didnt maintain, but they made it. Now put the potato chips down, get off the couch and start playing any sport instead of critizing the southridge kids. Remember they have championship rings do you?

Yes Sir

Hey Herald staff,
Do you guys have a updated 6a state rankings?

Football Guy

Mr. Archer,
Why I do have a state ring and gurantee I am not a couch potatoe(6'3 225 lbs). I was just asking if anybody notice that the high school advancement of these players did not turn into what many taught would be NFL careers. You may not notice it , but among many I know in North Dade and South Dade areas have questioned the same thing! Calm down and drink a long island with a umbrella! LMAO:)


Why are Baypoint and Doral academys stats put in the colmns with 4a - 6a they should be in the colmns with 1a 2a 3a thier stats make the big schools look bad because they are playing against inferior competition. I know its 2 late for this year but next year please put the independent stats with the small schools. Besides what type of school is Baypoint.

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