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Live Blog: Booker T. Washington 23, Nease 15 (FINAL)

Good morning, errr, early afternoon.

This is Bob Emanuel Jr., Broward's high school sports reporter, bringing you live coverage of today's Class 4A championship game from beautiful, downtown Orlando.

Refresh your page often to get the updates from the Citrus Bowl.


Eduardo Clements is FAST. And, apparently, he's pretty good as well. On the Tornadoes first two plays, Clements ran for gains of 14 and 26 yards.

BTW's first drive ended prematurely, however, when Torrance Moise's fourth-and-13 pass fell incomplete from the Nease 27.

Faced with a third-and-14 from his own 41, Moise hit Devon Johnson over the middle for a 57-yard gain to the 2. Clements scored on the next play.

BTW was just denied on a fourth-and-1 from the Nease 7. Could have been a first down on the previous play, but as my astute colleague Bill Daley said, the refs may have botch the spot of a penalty. No matter, the Tornadoes got some points out of it with a sack in the end zone for a safety.

BTW's latest drive is going backward. It is now second-and-29. Sheesh.

BTW has 194 total yards through 12 minutes. Nease, to quote the immortal Borat, "Not so much." The Panthers are at -7. Yes, that is a minus.


Two big pass plays and Nease is in scoring position. First-and-10 from the BTW 16. Uh oh. All that dominance, and Nease is still in the game.
Touchdown Nease. Ted Stachitas found Andrew Barnes on a screen to the left. It was three straight screen passes, and no one stopped them. Who's coaching here? Tom Olivadotti (old school Dolphin reference)?

Queue up the song... "Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you." BTW just gets a 69-yard gain on a screen to Thearon Collier to the Nease 2. Collier blazed down the right sideline and was knocked out at the last second. Two plays later, Clements goes up and over the pile for the score. 9:20 remaining.

Ok, this is getting out of hand. I might have to inject some major caffeine into my system because this game is a sleeper. BTW just went up the field (again), and Moise found Clements for a 13-yard touchdown. 4:48 remaining, and this is turning into a one-sided whooping.

Well, maybe Washington heard my plea for excitement. Tornadoes just gave Nease a pair of first downs by jumping offside, including a fourth-and-1. Make that three first downs by penalties. BTW just hit with defensive holding.

Yes! A trick play. Nease went for a fake punt on fourth-and-6. It was stopped for a 5-yard gain.

BTW ball. Johnson just gained 32 yards to reach the Nease 32. 0:56 remains. Four plays later, turnover on downs. That was exciting. Okay, maybe not.

Moise has 245 yards passing through one half. Oh my. Total yardage: BTW 346, Nease 102. Hey, it's an improvement.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ho hum. BTW gets an interception and is in scoring position. Yawn. Benedick Hyppolite just scored on a 19-yard pass from Moise. Wait. A late flag. A very, very late flag. The ball is in the air, past the 10 and the flag comes in. Holding, BTW. Back to the 30. Can they score from this far out? How quick? Let's see.Missed FG. Same score.

Nease is moving the ball. Hmm. This can be interesting. First-and-goal from the 6.  Loss of 1. Patrick Barker runs it in from the 7. 23-13. Nease is lining up for two. Ted Stachitas rolls out to his right. He gets hit and gets off a pass to Barker for two.

Uh oh. Nease attempts and recovers the onside kick. 3:43 remaining in the third quarter, and Nease has a second-and-10 from the 37. Stay tuned. And, we're back.

Nease just hits a double pass. There's a flag for a chop block on a 6-yard gain, but they just waved it off. You never want to insinuate about poor officiating, but, it does appear the yellow bean bags are favoring Nease just a tad. No matter, BTW holds and Nease misses a field goal. Still 23-15.


Here we go. Twelve final minutes. Can the Tornadoes hold on? I love this game!

Stat update: Moise has 275 passing and BTW leads in yardage, 413-199.

Short BTW punt, and Nease takes possession at midfield. Well, that didn't last long. Nease goes backward and is punting from its own 33. BTW ball at its own 3 with 10:15 to play.

This could change everything. Torrance Moise was just helped off the field and could not put weight on his leg. Brandon Harris is now at quarterback.

Wow, Brandon is slick. This kid's got moves. He just broke off a huge run to bring the Tornadoes out toward midfield. First down at the BTW 45.

BTW punts from its own 48. Nease ball at its 28 with 4:02 to play. Forget the snooze. It's win time. Who makes the play?

Nease has two timeouts and is punting on fourth-and-12 from its own 26. Washington ball at its 40 with 1:56 to play. A first down here and it's golden time for the Tornadoes.

Third-and-14 for BTW from its own 36. Nease is now out of timeouts. Panthers can get the ball back with about 40 seconds to play if it stops BTW on the next play.

Harris gains the first down, but the play is called back for a hold. BTW has more than 15 penalties in this game.

BTW runs out the clock. Print the championship shirts. We've got our second champion in less than 24 hours as Washington joins Broward's St. Thomas Aquinas. Northwestern tries to make it 3-3 in a few hours. Frank DeMarzo will take you through that one. See you all in three hours.


Where is Nease? Ok, more specifically, where are the Panther fans? Weak showing thus far.

After it looked like a potential rain storm around 11:30 this afternoon, it is now bright and sunny at 1:30. The football Gods are smiling today, boys and girls.

Just a random thought here, but can we get all the Booker T. Washington, Northwestern, St. Thomas Aquinas and Deerfield Beach kids together, send them all to the U and have a superpower?

Booker T. Washington is FAST. Wow. The team speed here is incredible. I watch Broward's teams play all season, and I get treated to some great football. But, this? Whoa. And Northwestern is better (supposedly)? Can't wait. BTW just runs around you. Amazing.

By the way, the game is televised live on FSN. Not that I want you to tune away from this compelling journalistic endeavor, but you can watch and read. Yes, that's it. bring your laptop to the living room, watch and get expert commentary all at the same time. Talk about an added bonus!

The pregame media meal today was sponsored by Shane's Rib Shack. Very friendly people, and good food. A tad spicy, but good.

Washington band is doing the Souljah Boy. Yes!

Big cheer just went up when Northwestern's game was announced for tonight at 7.

Souljah Boy over the loudspeakers. Only the 438th time today. Can't wait for repeat No. 1,000 later this evening.

Nease's band is on the field. They are dressed in green and black. Are they the Nease Leprechauns?

Yes! Queen's "We Will Rock you" just played. Now this is a football game. Still upset Queen's "We Are the Champions" did not play last night.


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Their commenting that FIU have plenty of scouts at the game.That's good news. Washington looks much too quick for Nease. Little running game to speak of however.

Bill Bates sons play for nease?


These refs are sure doing there best to keep Nease in the game.


Harris now fighting for yardage, and a great run down the middle by him!


Harris is awesome. Two spin moves!


We have to get Harris at the U. This kid is a baller!


Congrats BTW!!!


Congratulations to Coach Tim "Ice" Harris and Booker T. Washington for winning the 4A State Championship!! I'm proud of the work that Harris has done with the program and SHOULD be given the same props as that "other" school.

Harris has been a constant at Booker T. Washington since DAY ONE and now his perseverance has paid off. It kinda reminds me of when Jimmy Johnson won his NC with the Canes.

Congrats again to Booker T. Washington. Enjoy the spoils of victory!!


Congratulations to the Tornadoes


My school won yessssssssssssssss Man We going to have a Major Parade Congrats Football Team See yall in school Monday Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ya...


BTW should get more attention than they have gotten this year. I think Northwestern gets more pub because of the UM recruits and what they will mean to that program and the way they have bounced back after last year.

They both great teams with great stories. Attention to one should mean lack of attention for the other.

The TV announcers said the NW crowd was there cheering on BTW...thats pretty cool.

Tommy B

I'm from Goose Creek S.C.I had the pleasure to watch BTW play our rival school Summerville the first game of the season.I go to alot of high school games,BTW was the best high school team I have ever seen.I have kept up with the team all year long on the internet.Congrats goes out to Coach Harris, this is the most discpline and athletic team I have ever seen.Hopefully in the future,yall can make a trip back to South Carolina,and play the Stratford Knights,but don't smash us like you did Summerville....ps one of you boys need to send me a BTW state championship shirt.Good luck to all the boys in life and in college, looking forward to watcing you play at the U.

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