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A minute with ex-STA/current Canes WR Leonard Hankerson

The Herald High School Sports Blog caught up with St. Thomas Aquinas grad Leonard Hankerson -- now a wide receiver with the University of Miami -- after the Canes' scrimmage Saturday.

Hankerson was one of the few to experience the Raiders' three consecutive losses in the 5A state title game from 2004 to 2006, but was there to watch them finally reach the top by beating Kissimmee Osceola 35-20 in December. Meanwhile, Hankerson played eight games last year as a freshman, catching six passes for 63 yards and a 1-yard touchdown against Virginia Tech. He figures to be in the receiver mix this year, especially with Darnell Jenkins and Lance Leggett having used up their eligibility.

Q: How's spring going so far?

A: It's going good so far. Everything's going well. Everybody's doing what they've got to do -- working hard and stuff, getting the job done.

Q: Where do you think you fit with the receivers this spring?

A: I think I'm right there among all the other receivers. We're all right there. So I think I'm in a pretty good spot.

Q: How was last year for you?

A: Last year, I guess it was pretty good. It [didn't go] how I wanted, really, but I think it went pretty good for me.

Q: How'd you like seeing St. Thomas win the title last year?

A: I liked to see that. I got emotional, too, though. I liked [seeing] them win.

Q: Emotional, like maybe you wished you could have felt that?

A: Nah, I was just happy for them, happy for Coach [George] Smith and everything.

Q: So what do you expect this fall?

A: I don't know. I j ust expect myself to be at the top, [to] work hard and get the job done, and just do everything right.

Q: And St. Thomas?

A: I think they're gonna be at the top, too.

--Patrick Dorsey