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Boynton or Knight? Who's your #1?

ESPN did a feature today asking who would you rather have on your team -- Kobe Bryant or LeBron James.

That got me thinking, of Broward's top two players, which would you rather have -- American Heritage junior Kenny Boynton Jr. or Pine Crest sophomore Brandon Knight?

Boynton is a dynamic scorer, a player that scored 61 points in a single game this season. He was surrounded by talented players at Heritage this season -- Florida-bound senior forward Eloy Vargas and speedy junior point guard Ray Taylor. Boynton led Blanche Ely to a Class 6A state championship last season before he came to Heritage.

Knight is a complete player, a scoring point guard that nearly averaged a triple double for the season. After he missed the first half of the season with a cyst in his back, Knight returned and led the Panthers to 18 straight wins. He is joined by junior forward Ed Waite (the Class 3A Finals MVP) and senior center Jeff Pelage. The trio led the Panthers to the Class 3A title, with Knight scoring 38 points in each the district final and regional semifinal victories over American Heritage. (Boynton finished with 33 and 29 in those games, respectively.)

Who would you rather have?


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BK hands down. BK is so young thats what makes him win the case so easily. Kenny is raw as f*** dont fet me wrong, but brandon has youth and thats what makes him so much more vulnerable to any team that is intrested. Either way, they're both good and will show us alot in the NCAA and NBA. Good luck to both!


I rather have boynton he can score with anyone and he's more athletic and his defense is a lot better and pine crest had 8 good players heritage had 3 knight was spoiled. Knight is an amazing player but boynton is better and who score 61 besides kobe and wilt come on please


Seeing them both play (eachother and other teams) I'd have to go with Kenny. Although, Brandon is one of the best players in the country now, but he is currently experiencing what kenny did lasy year with Ely. As a sophomore, leading them to the state title averaging close to 30 points per game. For a sophomore to average close to 30 a game, then lead his team to a title is amazing. Brandon could be a more complete player (given he mighgt be slightly taller than kenny), but if I were to start a team...i'd have to go with Boynton! PS. lets not forget his 44-point demolishing of one of Florida's best teams (Miami Pace) the only reason they lost was due to the suspension of two of their starters.

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