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St. Thomas lacrosse falls short

He knew it going in, and he really knows it now:

"There's St. Andrew's," St. Thomas Aquinas boys' lacrosse coach Lenny Coy said Saturday, "and then there's the rest."

Coy's team, although undefeated (16-0) at the time, was the clear underdog in Friday's regional final matchup with the Scots -- and a 20-4 loss to the 19-1 team from Boca Raton verified it.

Disappointing, right? Not too much, Coy said.

On this season: "We were really pleased [with] our young program (note: this year was St. Thomas' second). ... This is the game they always wanted, and they got it. Unfortunately, right now, we were just too young a program to play a team that had kids developing since middle school together."

On the future of his team, which is graduating only three players: "That was probably the highlight of the game. ... We're planning right now to be back in that game next year. And every year, we're going to try to be a little bit more competitive."

On the future of Florida lacrosse, in relation to the dominant Scots: "That gap will be closing. I think, with the expansion of the sport, some of the teams in Central Florida -- along with the growth here in South Florida -- I think, year after year, it's not going to be the same. You'll see a little bit of a swing."

It'll be something to watch, as the Raiders enter Year 3 as a program, and as lacrosse enters Year 3 as an official sport.

--Patrick Dorsey