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Baseball's new regional format

A few things of note, following up on today's story about baseball's new regional format (a best-of-3 series, as opposed to one game):

  • As noted, eight of the nine South Florida baseball coaches said they liked the idea behind new format -- at least a little -- considering it a fairer way to decide who goes to the state final four. The only dissenter: Goleman coach Manny Yanez. "I kind of liked the one-game format," said Yanez, whose team swept its regional. "...Nobody's playing two out of three or three out of five in basketball or football."
  • Miami Christian's Armando Rodriguez wasn't emphatically in favor of the new system -- his team lost two straight to Bruce Charlebois' squad after winning the first -- preferring a best-of-3 format in the state final (Paul McLaughlin of the FHSAA addressed this in the story, though, saying time restrictions will almost certainly prevent that from happening).
  • Nova coach Pat McQuaid was concerned with the quick turnaround for 2A and 5A schools, whose semifinals in Sarasota began Wednesday -- not so much because of what happened (weather allowed all regionals to end Saturday, as scheduled), but what could have happened (what if weather pushed them back to Monday?). "Hopefully they'll come to a consensus so they rotate that around a little bit [among classes]," McQuaid said.
  • Brito's Pedro Guerra, through an interpreter, was the only coach not to openly question the doubleheader (easily the most contentious issue). "As long as you train the players," he said, "there's not going to be a problem."

--Patrick Dorsey (e-mail)