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Bradenton Prep sanctioned, and sanctioned hard

This is still developing, but on Monday the FHSAA laid down sanctions on Bradenton Preparatory Academy resulting from what that governing body called "the recruitment of students from other FHSAA member schools in the Bradenton-Manatee area". The school's football, basketball and boy's tennis programs will be placed on probation for three years and the school will have to pay a fine of $38,000.

Ref_prep_logo I know Bradenton is not exactly in our coverage area, but in this online world of 24-hour national news cycles, shouldn't the Miami Herald's ace high school staff be able to broaden its scope on a slow news day?

Here's a link to the June 5 letter from the FHSAA to Bradenton, which enumerates the 19 violations, as unearthed by the FHSAA during an investigation that started on March 13.  Among the indiscretions are such amatuer no-nos as living with a representative of a school's athletic program, illegal financial assistance, financial assistance in the form of "academic scholarships" (also not allowed for high school athletes), recruiting irregularities, and improper contact with school officials.

The names of the students who were investigated are, of course, blacked-out throughout the document. But that doesn't mean they will necessarily escape punishment.  The "top count" on Bradenton's list of misdeeds indicates that the school "actively sought basketball players using outside agents and college recruiters".  Any student whose name comes up in that kind of situation, blacked-out or not, may also face sanctions from the NCAA when - and if - they go on to play in college.

The document indicates that as a "proactive measure", the school imposed several consequences upon itself, including firing two of its athletic directors and two basketball coaches.

Keep an eye on the Miami Herald's high school sports page on Tuesday as we work to get more information about this story.