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Killian's Terry Grant was one of the most underrated players

As we continue our search for the top players of all time in Miami-Dade County, one that will certainly be a gifted talent to consider is Terry Grant. The 1971 Killian graduate was a Ray Lewis-type of linebacker for the Cougars. One who averaged over 15 tackles a game, but was overshadowed by standouts Ralph Ortega, Glenn Cameron, Clarence Corker and Steadman Scavella.

On July, 14, at the age of 54, Grant passed away, leaving quite a legacy in the community and with those who he touched along the way.

He is survived by his wife Rohelia (Bo); daughters Danielle Ellis and Jana Grant; grandchildren Reyana and Joel; brothers Carroll and Kenneth Grant; sister Brenda Grant-Cooper; and many other loving family members.