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Cypress Bay-Katy kickoff time changed

The devastation from Hurricane Ike's landfall throughout Houston and much of Southeast Texas avoided for the most part the suburb of Katy (1-2), where Cypress Bay (3-0) is headed next week.

There are six high schools located in Katy and Cypress Bay's game on Saturday, Oct. 4 is with one of the nation's most storied football programs, Katy High School.

"We needed to get back to as normal a schedule as we could," said coach Gary Joseph. "The kids got a win last week, which meant so much to them and to this community after the hurricane."

Katy High School and the other five high schools in Katy were close since the hurricane came ashore near Galveston, Katy's game with Flower Mound Marcus this weekend will still be played at a neutral site in Waco as originally planned. Katy High School received minimal damage, and the host of the Battle At Rhodes, Rhodes Stadium, had no structural damage.

Earlier this week, ESPNU moved the kickoff of the Battle At Rhodes from 6 PM to 2:30 PM (3:30 in South Florida) on Saturday, Oct. 4.

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