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The question is inevitable (and answer is simple)

Every year, I get asked why such and such school gets more attention and more coverage.

Every year, I try to explain it is all about how schools work with the media.

Tonight, I experienced my greatest example to date.

I arrived early at Boyd Anderson. I typically like to arrive 45 minutes before kickoff, which is enough time to say hello to both coaches, get rosters and situate myself in the press box. Well, I didn't get to see the BA coach (he was busy), but got the rosters and headed to the press box (along with the competitor) at 6:25.

When I got there, I was basically told to stay out. Yes, that's right. The press box was off limits to the PRESS because there were too many people up there. What a joke. I asked for the athletic director, but he didn't show until 7:30.

My lead story for Broward was forced to be rushed at the conclusion of the game. Because of the quick turnaround, I did not even get a quote from Boyd Anderson - which makes my story (and me by association) look bad.

So, when I get a question from Boyd Anderson later in the year about why Deerfield Beach or Cypress Bay or St. Thomas Aquinas gets more coverage, i'll gladly remind them about tonight. Sorry Cobra fans, but you were slighted with what you will read tomorrow, and there's no one to blame except the school.