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Smith, Bailey choose West Virginia

While there is a long way to go before his final decision is made, Eugene Smith of Miramar at least let everyone know where his mind is today.

One of the top quarterback prospects ever in Broward County announced Monday that he made a soft verbal commitment to attend West Virginia University along with teammate, receiver Steadman Bailey, who has been as impressive as any over the past two years.

Originally leaning toward West Virginia after his sophomore year, Smith had the opportunity to visit Morgantown over the weekend, and despite upcoming trips to USF and LSU, he is comfortable with the choice.

“I had the chance to go up and take in everything for myself,” said Smith. “It’s a huge decision to make, and while I will never cement anything, this certainly feels right.”

Rumors that Smith was on his way to the University of Michigan to remedy the Wolverines’ elite quarterback woes were never true. Boston College and FSU had also been in the mix, but with everything falling into place the next few years, it was West Virginia that grabbed his attention.

Smith had been looked at by schools from Alabama to Oregon, Louisville and Clemson as well.

He joins 12 South Floridians in Morgantown including Quinton Andrews, DB, 5-11, 206, Jr., Monsignor Pace; Alric Arnett, WR, 6-2, 180, Jr., Glades Central; Jarrett Brown, QB, 6-4, 220, Jr., Palm Beach Lakes; Uriah Grant, DL, 6-2, 265, Fr., Everglades; Scott Kozlowski, P, 6-0, 190, Sr., Royal Palm Beach; Ja'tavious Miller, LB, 6-1, 210, Fr., Pahokee; Mike Poitier, RB, 5-8, 165, Jr., St. Thomas; Robert Sands, S, 6-6, 205, Fr., Carol City; Eain Smith, DB, 6-0, 190, Fr., Chaminade-Madonna; Joshua Taylor, DL, 6-2, 258, Fr., Miramar; J.T. Thomas, LB, 6-1, 220, So., Ely and Jorge Wright, DL, 6-3, 26o, Fr., Dr. Krop.

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Dont forget Norland's Lawerence Smith c/o 08(walked -on #15)


Congrats Gino and Stead!


Once again Miami Norland Sr. High Football program has produce another student athlete. That has graduate and now is apart of one the top programs in the nation. Mr Lawrence Smith c/o 2008 he is a walk-on #15. Mr Smith is not just a regular walk-on he one who has made DEF MVP for the Scout Team twice throughout the season. He is also apart of the Special Teams unit.Alot of people in this county may not know that Miami Norland Sr High Football Program is the #3 program in the State of Florida. As far as putting student athletes into school at the next level. Thats far ahead of our quote on quote other great programs that we have in Dade County. We all know the names of the so called elite programs the Dade. That title "Elite" should only be for programs that continue to produce student atletes on a year to year basis. No matter what type of talent or what the programs record is Miami Norland Football Program still puts numerous kids in to school every year for the past 9 yrs. Just turn on your TV on any given Saturday and you my see someone that has came through Miami Norland Sr. High Football Program. Norland has produce student athletes for every level of college football you can imagine. How about you guys write a story on that topic and go speak to Coach N Dunn.

Keep It 100

Way to toot your own horn Dunn... That still wont allow you to keep your job.
Your program has been horriffic.(sp) You don't win and kids play to win (no doubt), no one absolutely no plays to loose. And that is what you have done... LOST. What is your record for coaching football over the last 9 years?

Stop taking credit for walk ons and kids that get into school because their heads are in the right place and parents did a great job of raising them. When you say you get in college, let it be full scholarships and parents don't have to pay a dime. When the parents have to pay, really what did you do? (talk to the coach to allow the kid to walk on??? The kid described above payed to go to school...WOW!!! What did you do???)Now go and do your calculations on that and see if you are #3 in the state???

When was the last time Norland won a playoff game???? Norland brought you in, to WIN... Don't get it twisted. Let the CAP advisors take the credit for the kids going to school who do not earn athletic scholarships.

You suppossed to win football games, COACH!!!

Question: If all these kids you have are talented enough to be playing on the college level, moreso than any other "ELITE" school, then why don't they win on the high school level under you?

I mean you do have more in college than anyone else...HUMMMMMM


I thought Dunn won 6A State in '02 w Dwayne Bowe-LSU/KC Chiefs & Antwan Barnes-FIU/Balt Ravens on that team. Also look at all the guys he put in the pros at Miami High when he was the HC. Sedrick Irvin(96), Blue Adams(98), Marquand Manuel(98), Andre Johnson(99), Jamaal Jackson(99), Atari Bigby(00), Roscoe Parrish(01). What have you done for the world lately? Get your facts straight before you post, otherwise your nothing more than a big mouth internet troll that no one will take seriously


also in '02 FYI; the State Champion Norland Vikings beat NW; the '01 State runner-up & Carol City (who would win it in '03 w Willie Williams, Ricky Jean, Kenny Phillips & Terry Jones & Co) along the way on their road to the State Championship so it's not like they had an easy road or time of it either.


you only go to West Virginia when you cant get in anywhere else. Student Athlete?

Lester Jean

How did this become about Nigel Dunn and Norland when the information is about Euegene Smith and Stedman Bailey?


For Mr. Keep it 100:
Coach Dunn didnt write that statement. Yes he was brought to Norland to win. However, when you have kids being recruited from Norland to other programs or area kids playing way in"da city" what can you do? I coach at Norland and see Dunn as a father figure and I take offense to your comments. What was Norland football program before Dunn? Carol City beating bag! So watch your mouth! Coach Dunn has turn down many coaching jobs in Texas, Georgia and College level because he is faithful to young men who need a male figure in Miami Gardens.

Also Lawerence Smith turn down many smaller schools scholarships. He had the grades to go where he wanted to. Coach Dunn never took that credit. Its was Mr.Smith and his parents who deserve that credit!

If you can coach better than Dunn, call Mr "Do-It" Fluitt and ask how can you apply for the Head Coach job. If Dunn leaves there would be an exodus of players from Norland.

Keep It 100

Man please stop it!!! all that sounds good but the reality is a coach does not put any of the aforementioned players in the NFL if that is what you guaging. Trust me 90% of the NFL players are born gifted. They were the one of the best in little league, one of the best in high school, and one of the best in college.

And furthermore you must be young for the history of Norland football is deep predating Mr. Dunn. In the era of being CAROL CITY'S (in the Mid -to Late 80's through the 90's) punching back as you put it Norlands district was tby far the toughest. Norland's record would be 9-1 or 8-2. American High 9-1 or 8-2. and Carol City would be 10-0. See only one team made it out of district then.

My problem is that the only thing here is to harp on is the 1 year. Yes he won state in '02 and it is a great accomplishment, but how many playoff appearances since then???? How many runs at the elusive state championship????

Let's put somethings in perspective here, it is 2008, you have all thes college bound students, and you can't get to the playoffs...Just like OBAMA's Presidential platform.


If Carol City can change The GREAT WALT FRAZIER, hell Norland can definitely replace ONE and DUNN!!!

Keep It 100...

Trust me Dunn is not the only one that needs that Obama Campaign slogan...

100 will be keeping it real stay tuned.

P.S. Norland lost to Carol City
8 - 6 this year
28 - 26 last year
14 - 12 the year before that and
17 - 13 the year before that.

So are yall Carol City's punching bag again or still?


keep it 100,

we defeated cc last year. Every game has been close except last year! Barnswell aint changed anything in the program its the same. You think they throwing more now, when in their back to back years Sands threw double digit TDs. Two team in playoff from ditrict changed in 1987. get your facts right. Like football said, if you can do better come apply. Dunn aint going nowhere so all you haters, Heidelburg lovers, and non-football people can keep wishing. Why is it when a white coach like Drikhan from South Dade can coach 30 yrs only win 2 district and no state championship gets praised but a BLACK man like Dunn gets dogged? Crab in a barrel. I see why Cubans own Miami.

Also Dunn never takes credit for any former player. Even though he founded Bowe in the halls gang banging and Andre Johnson having hoop dreams at Miami High. Stop Hating!


Keep it 100:
B4 Dunn there was no booster club and alama tides. There are whites graduates from the 60's showing interest in the program now. You know nothing. This is Dade County talent is spreaded everywhere and schools with the names get the best players. I've seen players sit on the bench at optmist or never play optmist become D1 players under Dunn. Stop kissing Heidelburg butt cuz it sounds like his hating behind

Keep It 100

Heidelburg? What has he done...

Yall need to go and get someone who the kids are excited about in the neighborhood. They got all the rich little league programs round there North Dade, Miami Gardens, and Scott Lake. It is some coaches out there. Pace former head coach Joe Zacchio coached at N. Dade before Pace.

No knock on Dunn this isn't about Dunn the man, it is about Dunn the COACH. On any job you have to do the job at a certain level. If your expectations are low than that's exactly what you get, Black, White or any color. But I see you from Norland and yall NEVER had any aspirations to be GREAT. VIKINGS keep settling for less because that is exactly what you got and getting.

Please kill that slave mentality of comparing yourself to white people(" a white coach like Drikhan")uld not) and feeling that your self worth is heightened because white people are watching you now!!! WOW!!!!

Thats makes loosing acceptable???? They coming back to see us to tell us "Good Game, we'll get next week..." That get's old and kids are tired of it and the alumni is too. That is the real reason they are coming back...



football guy

Keep it 100:
You sound very dumb! You cannot be a former ball player or coach. Out of 30 schools in Dade only how many won state in the last 30 years? Its like only 5 or 6. Has Jackson, Edison ,Central(has better talent than any school even the West), Miami High, North Miami, NMB, HML, American, Hialeah? NO, but Norland has under Dunn. Its not easy to win in Dade so stop with your bull about the community not happy. Cause their are close to a hundred players who are happy with what Dunn has helped them sign to a college to play football and recieve an education. 33 players alone in 2002-2003(State Year); some never even touched the field but got a scholarship to schools like Florida A&M for example. What have you done for Norland? Matter of fact Since Dunn been to Norland he has had only one losing season 2006-2007 season(3-9)!

Its not always about winning football games! If it is then Dunn and his staff can move to Texas where the money is better and we can get athletes in one school instead of kids living in Miami Gardens and playing at Booker T(for example). Its sad when players from other schools come ask Dunn to help them get in school.

How can you even mention Zacchio name! If he was or is so great why didnt he coach at a public school? Private schools are easy, you can recruit only have one school to worry about in your district. South Florida is not California. If St.Thomas was a public school do you think they would be that good?

Keep It 100

Listen Dunn juice drinker, I have said all the while that a state championship is very hard to win, but the initial comment was Dunn gets all these athletes in school, my comment was if they are good enough to get into college they should be good enough to make the PLAYOFFS. I did not say state championship. So stop drinking Dunn Juice and take a reality pill, everyone who is in athletics in any capacity wants to win, even Norland I hope. They say loosing is contagious, Norland you might have caught it. The vaccine is on sale!!!

Stop politicing for Dunn. Does Norland have a supply of moth balls for those uniforms? They always putting them away early...LOL

Carol City plays Miramar this week, Pace plays Cardinal Gibbons, who Norland plays this week?

My bad Norland didn't make the PLAYOFFS... AGAIN...

You so good with facts tell the people how many times Norland made the playoffs in the last 9 years?

Mind you I believe this is their district:
1. Carol City
2. Norland
3. NMB
4. N. Miami
5. Dr. Krop

And to mention Pace recruits, hell everyone that wins does, you think all those dade county kids at Miramar got there because Miramar is an "A" school? PLEEEAAASE... You think kids bypass Norland, North Miami, American, HML, and others like it by mistake? HELL NO.. They want to WIN!!! Look at what you said these kids are going to Booker T. and Northwestern...DUH!!!! THEY WIN and has always at least given themselves an opportunity to compete for a state championship by making the PLAYOFFS!!!!

So you just keep drinking Dunn Juice and defending someone who has run his course at Norland. Maybe he just needs a change in scenery, Even Bill Belichick had to change scenery... I hear Jackson job is opening, his alma mater, maybe he can get kids in school there and help them win a Soul Bowl.
Even Jackson has realized it is time for CHANGE...

"It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will"

football guy

Keep it 100(Hi Hater):

U on some dope for real! Norland made the playoffs last year. NMB and CC both play hard when aganist Norland. Dunn aint going nowhere, so sit there and drink your haterade. Why would he even think about going to Jackson where the redistricting(thanks to Mrs. Wilson) killed Jackson from getting the athletes and helped the "West". Miramar just got good in the last 2-3 season. So dont go there.

Keep it 100 I think you like Dunn in a sexual way cause you sweating Dunn hard. As long there is unstable with the school grades at Norland the principle is not thinking bout football McKoy worried about his job! Dunn see principles come and go in last 9 seasons!

Dunn is here as long as he wants! And I wish "the community" ask for change because I dont see "the community" at PTA meetings or fund raising events for not just football but athletics!

DUNN and NORLAND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye HATER

Keep It 100

And he still does not answer the question...here is the FCAT question again...

You are so good with facts please tell the people, "How many times Norland has made the playoffs in the last 9 years?"

And while you are on Miramar, how long has Miramar's coach been there? 2 - 3 years...See change was good for them...it could be good for you too.

Let's do some more FCAT training...
See Football and Basketball are athletic departments biggest money makers. You can make more money if you WIN because more people will come see you(not counting them 10 white alumni you guys want to point out to validate your program). Don't you get tired of reading the HERALD and it says "500 people watch Norland lose another one".

You just a walking contradiction. Let's see:

1. Why goto Jackson, redistricting killed them no athletes, right? (so that means he would loose games right?)

2. Norland does not have a problem with redistricting,nor do they have a problem with athletes, yet Norland still loose?

3. And your best answer is, NMB and CC play Norland hard, HELL what Norland doing playing soft, because they seem to lose ALL the HARD games...

Keep drinking Dunn Juice.

"It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will"

football guy

Why do I keep responding to you? Norland never I said never had crowd filling games before Dunn, during the state, or even now. You can say all you want but guess what Dunn is still going to be the HEAD COACH at Norland until HE wants to leave.

Miramar has how many players from Miami Gardens?

And I will keep drinking "Dunn Juice" because he is a black man doing more than just football with players who were told they could not play this sport!

As long as kids are going to school, Dunn will NEVER be fired. State winning coaches dont get fired!

Quick question? Didnt Sam Cooke die after making that song? HMMMMMMMMMMM..... on dat hater.

Keep It 100

Norland NEVER had crowd filling games???
That's a lie in 85,86,87,88 (Darren Smith era) and in the mid 90's when Norland was going 9-1 , 8-2, and when Omar Rolle, and the All Dade Qb's they had(Bubba and your beloved Hieldelburg) they were filling Traz Powell. You have to be young "Football Guy" Norland was a credible opponet year in and year out. And this is what distains me young boy, when you say Carol City, when you say Northwestern, when you say The Ridge you say winners, when you say Norland ????

And you just amened what I said about Miramar and there coaches getting talent into the building and doing something with it...If you don't watch out Parkway Academy will be beating you to the punch as well.(They in the PLAYOFFS too...

You must be on the staff trying to preserve your job cause your resume looks bad being that you coached at Norland. At least you got a coaches card to into the PLAYOFF games free.(If they accept it)

Got to be in it to win it!!!

Word to the wise young buck, two words you don't use in life are NEVER and ALWAYS. Both will make you a liar.

And you still didn't answer the question!!!

"It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will"
(Just as show as you live you must die.)



(oops almost forgot and no redistricting!!!)

"No one rises to low expectations..."

Coach Dunn good Luck in '09...
Return Norland to its winning ways... You got the talent and resources(North Dade, Bunch Park, Scott Lake, and Miami Gardens!!! They all win too. Loads of talent. Read an article earlier in the year about the talent from Scott Lake in the Herald. NO EXCUSES)

100 done gave Norland more press than they got sine State. Yall gone have to earn this type of coverage from this point forward...
Go! Vikes! Go!

Signing off 100...

football guy

Are you for real? We have coaches on the staff that played in the 80s and 90s and they also admit Norland never filled the seats or ever got support. Lose my job? You are funny!

How kids optmist superstar pan out in high school? About 20% of them I can name many optmist superstars that dont make it in high school. Perfect example where is "Baby" of Overtown Rattlers two years ago? Exactly!!!!!! Real coaches turn average players into superstars.

Last time I checked every player that made 1st team all-dade for Norland wasnt the superstar optmist player( Hannibal Beautfort, Kennth White, Emmanuel Souarrin, etc...)Xavier Rhodes was not praised at the opmist level plus he played QB and RB. Norland found him a home at Wr. Look where he is going now ...FSU. Carol City told Tourek Williams they didnt need him and he could play for them(nose guard). He came to his true home school and is at DE and TE and many offers from BCS D1 schools. Real coaching over here. Thats why coaches leave here and get coaching jobs in college.

Remember it aint Xs and Os its hard work and dedication. I am not hating on Miramar I have friends who coach there. Wish them luck! And your history is wrong if Norland went 9-1 in the 80s in the one team playoff system days that means CC went undefeated. CC never went undefeated till the 96 and 97 season.

The Ridge a winner? Yeah how many times they won state and made the playoffs in the last 9 years. Since your comparing Dunn reign at Norlands!


Die Hard 305 Fan

Since 1963 when the FHSAA sanctioned the State Playoffs and made them official here are all the State Champs from the 305
1963- Coral Gables
1964- Coral Gables
1965- Miami High (also National Champs)
1967- Coral Gables (also National Champs & called the Team of the Century)
1968- Coral Gables
1970- Edison
1975- HML
1977- Carol City
1991- Southridge (co-champs w Orlando Evans)
1993- Southridge
1995- NW
1996- Carol City
1997- Carol City
1998- NW
2000- Gulliver (RIP Sean Taylor)
2002- Norland
2003- Carol City
2003- Pace
2004- Killian
2006- NW
2007- NW (also National Champs)
2007- BTW (#4 Nationally)

source; www.fhsaa.org

Die Hard 305 Fan

The Dunn situation is a tough call IMO. Lets look at the facts. Miami High was a much better than avg team when he was the HC from '94-'99. When he left they fell off the map and basically have become a joke for the past 9yrs. He came to Norland in '00 & won State in '02. Since then he's been in the playoffs in '03 & '07. Coaches have been fired for much less. Personally I think Dunn gets one more yr because I think NMB's days are numbered. Have you noticed since Drummond left for Carol City that NMB has slowly started unraveling & they got exposed against John Curtis in LA 48-0. Once Flores graduates this yr, I think they become a 3-7, 4-6 team at best next yr. If Dunn gets in the playoffs next yr keep him, if he doesn't send him down the road. Keep it 100 is right about one thing; Scott Lake, Bunche Park, North Dade & Miami Gardens are excellent feeder programs, something Edison, Jackson, BTW & Miami High wishes they had. If you cant make the playoffs w those feeder programs, it's cause your losing those kids to other schools & who wears the bullseye on that one. You guessed it the Head Coach & the Head Coach alone. Ultimately what you have to ask yourself is this; If Dunn leaves Norland do they become perennial losers like North Miami or does a young Walt Frazier type coach take over and they become a 20yr powerhouse. '02 was sweet for Norland, however it was 6yrs ago too.

football guy

Die Hard 305 Fan :

I respect everything you said!

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