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Josh Robinson will head to UCF

All spring and summer, when football fans talked about some of the top prospects in the state of Florida, the name Josh Robinson popped up at camps, 7-on-7 tournaments and other events that promoted high school football talent.

On Monday, Robinson, the Plantation defensive back standout, who also made a solid impact on offense, announced that he was committing to the University of Central Florida, a place he visited with teammate Brandon McGee back in May.

"From the first time I met the coaches, saw the campus and had the chance to see what the school was like, I was sold," Robinson said. "It's a prefect fit for me, and it's close enough to home where all my family and friends can come and watch."

Robinson is the third Plantation athlete to verbally commit this fall. McGee made his announcement right before the season to attend the University of Miami, and last week, safety Vlad Emelien announced that he would be headed to Michigan.

Robinson selected the Golden Knights over West Virginia, South Florida, FIU, South Carolina, Florida and Michigan, and will join 2009 commits Corey Ammons (Archbishop Carroll), Dontravious Floyd (South Dade), Renato Cunha (Jackson) and Jarrett Swaby (Glades Day) from South Florida.



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Watchout for them Knights

Hey guys can you say UCF is displaying the same recruiting power as UM. They have picked up some of Dade's and Broward's best football players, not just name guys who everyone over rates. They have picked up a solid lineman and big strong reciever with a db to replace Joe Burnett. Watchout America the Knights are on the rise.


UM was not recruiting him, but def. UCF is doing good things with their program. Florida is becoming very very competitive it is not a 3 program state anymore UCF is coming on strong and FIU is not to far behind.

Watchout for them Knights

K-Man reading comprehension is key. I said they are having the success that resembles UM from a year ago, not that UM was recruiting him.

Football Wizard

I go to UCF and have been saying for years that if we intend to be competitive, then we need to recruit heavily from South Fla. However, UCF is NOT in the same category as the big 3 in Florida recruiting. This year might be a good start, but until the knights start getting at least 1/4 of their recruiting class 4 stars or above, we will continue to be mediocre at best. Our QB for most of the year was a transfer from NC State and 3 star player out of Cardinal Gibbons...Gibbons! (Disappointing, huh?) I hope that the coaches have realized their past mistakes by settling for second-tier players and have the ability to build UCF into a real football school. Too bad I graduate before this will happen.

Actual Football Wizard

Hey Football Wizard you should be called Football Moron. All that star s**t doesnt matter, did u know kevin smith, ray rice, and darren mcfadden were not even four star athletes coming out of high school. The people that run rivals and scout have little to no idea what they are talking about. Notre Dame had top five recruiting class 2007, 2008, and most likely 2009 and they havent won a dam thing. Stop reading press clippings and get out and watch some football, dont make assumptions out of other peoples assumptions because it makes you twice the moron he/she is.

Football Wizard

you're absolutely right. antomio cromartie, devin hester, lorenzo booker, kenny phillips, tavares gooden, sam young, tim tebow, chris rainey, the pouncey twins...all those guys are chumps. along with all the other 4 and 5 star athletes on the big 3 FL teams. how could I have been so naive as to trust national recruiting websites, such as but not limited to Rivals.com after watching these fine Florida athletes play ball? I've seen everyone i just mentioned by name play in high school with the exception of Booker, and they are all very very good. Sure the experts miss sometimes, but that is not to say that a jimmy clausen on a decent Louisville team or an armando allen in an SEC offense wouldn't be tremendously successful. Stop whining and get back to the original topic of how UCF is or is not a real recruiting power in Florida and how they can improve by recruiting prime Florida atheletes (preferably from south fla).

Kevin Smith is my hero.

Florida Football Pharoh

Fellas i agree with your comments and i truely agree. i think ucf should focus on florida as a whole. if they "focus" in an area it should be the orlando, daytona area first. it's home base and there are enoughthere and they can cherry pick other regions of the state.

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