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Killian baseball team circling the wagons; GMAC baseball field looks set

What a turnaround season for the Killian baseball team.

The Cougars looked buried early on starting the year 2-9, but they have come on strong in their second wave of district games and won eight of their past 10 games.

It looks like the result is coach Angel Herrera's tough young squad is headed to the GMAC tournament.

That's right, wins against Palmetto and Southridge in recent weeks has propelled the Cougars into a Monday matchup with Goleman in the first round.

Killian beat Coral Reef 9-3 on Thursday, coupled with Southridge's 6-4 win against Palmetto did the trick.

Miami Springs also beat Miami High 12-2, which should put the Golden Hawks into a first-round game against Ferguson Monday.

Due to space restrictions, Thursday's baseball results won't appear in the paper until Saturday, but they will be posted online at www.miamiherald.com/hssports in the next couple of hours.

So please check them out there.


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dont worry bout it

what a team!


Yea killian beat The Ridge and palmetto but they are still very suspect. Both The Ridge and Palmetto put up 14 runs EACH against their #1 and #2 pitchers and if it was not for some ridiculous calls (non judgemental) made late in the game, The Ridge had that game won! They did celebrate like hell though beating Southridge's #4 and #5 starters! I guess everyone wants that Southridge Championship!...see you guys in the playoffs!

Killian Pride

Killian earned it. They are one hell of a team out there on the field. They play hard and leave no doubts on the field.

true true

manny matos is your number 4???? who is there 2 and 3 then? face it killian got into the ridges bullpen which is weak and ripped them.

K. Cu Gar

Wrong Mr. Ridge Pride, Killian held Palmetto to 3 runs in the 3rd. and shut them down the rest of the game. get the facts right. Killian also had your Ridge peeing in their cups tied 4-4 going into the 6th. and if they hadn't pulled their starter would have beat you then!


killian rules


Killian should be thanking Southridge!


Your right. But killian is coming for you southridge and you guys are going down.


I really do hope we get the chance to meet again, that would be a great game!


K. Cu Gar ,

Maybe u should get you facts straight. U guys lost to palmetto 14-1 i believe or was it that bad u guys totally decided to forget that game? i was also not even gonna mention the South Dade fiasco, but 15 runs in 1 inning???


ridge pride, your just mad killian beat EVERY team in their district atleast once, including SOUTHRIDGE, get over it


Well the ridge did the same, they even beat everyone twice! (except a wild one against killian, that had your cougars on their own heels because they were gonna cough up another huge lead!)...please make sure to make it past the first round of playoffs this year unlike last year...wait u guys got a 1st round bye thanx to the ridge again! you guys should be thanking them and not talking smack because they actually helped u secure the district semi-finals atleast!


Wow I love reading this stuff! Its so entertaining!!!

How about we just let the kids play?

Killian has been shown to be a better team since the start of the season, Angel has really got them peaking at the right moment, and if we do meet them again I am sure it will be a great game!

Hopefully we both make it to the District Finals, how great of a game that would be!

dont worry bout it

yes, true, southridge helped killian secure 2nd seed, but no offense, no need for the help, we would of beat whoever we needed to play the first round anyways, so how bout you deflate your big head, and get ready for us, were guna beat u again.


killian started out 2 and 9 and now they are 10 and 12. Southridge should be ready for a challenge when we meet again.

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