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BT Washington wins Heath Evans events

WEST PALM BEACH - One of the most impressive 7-on-7 events of the season was held on Saturday, and when the 16-team tournament ended at The King’s Academy, Miami’s Booker T. Washington was holding the trophy in the Fourth Heath Evans Foundation event.The Tornadoes won a thrilling 33-28 decision over Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson in the finals seconds of a game when senior Jayvon Wrentz grabbed the ball in the end zone to come away with the victory.

“What an exciting way to wrap up a great event,” said Evans, who hosted this annual event and had former teammates Wes Welker, Matt Cassel, Randy Moss and Kevin Faulk on hand to meet the athletes. “Congratulations to Booker T. Washington. We are already inviting you back next year to defend your title.”

Besides Booker T. Washington and Boyd Anderson, other teams involved included Miami Gulliver Prep, Belle Glades Central, Miramar, defending champion Jupiter Christian, Lake Worth Park Vista, Tampa Plant, Daytona Beach Seabreeze, Daytona Beach Mainland, West Palm Beach Cardinal Newman, Glades Day, Pompano Beach Ely, Boca Raton Olympic Heights, Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer and host The King's Academy.

Before event, many were predicted Glades Central to be one of the teams to reach the finals, but the Raiders were tested by an impressive field all day as elite players lines all the fields and treated the crowd to some impressive football.

In between the games, Evans rolled out some pro vs. high school action as Glades Central standout Greg Dent edged out Dwyer’s Matt Elam and Welker in the punt return contest.

Showing that he is still is quick and has it, host Heath Evans finished second in the 40-yard dash, losing out to Plant's T.J. Glover, and Cassel found the going tough when Plant’s Philip Ely and Glade Central standout L.J. Thomas both put on a show in the passing accuracy contest, which Thomas won.

Daytona Beach Mainland, Tampa Plant and Miramar all did well in the offensive line competition, showing that all three teams will have plenty of success this coming season.

Plant, Glades Day, Dwyer, Booker T. Washington, Glades Central, Miramar, Boyd Anderson and Ely all made the Elite Eight, and the Final Four came down to Booker T. Washington beating Tampa Plant, and Boyd Anderson getting by Miramar in the final four.

“Tremendous effort by everyone out here,” said Miramar head coach Damon Cogdell. “This was a tremendous tournament all the way around.”

The finals was a rematch of a game that ended in controversy earlier when Booker T. Washington ran a play on the whistle when Boyd Anderson was getting back on the field. The Tornadoes won, and it looked like the Cobras had their revenge until Jeremiah Hay found Wrentz with time running out, capping the win.

“What a way to win,” Hay said, holding the trophy along with teammates Quinton Dunbar, Eduardo Clements and Jelanie Rouland. “When we gave up that late touchdown, we all thought it was over with less than a minute left, but we were fortunate to pull this one out.”

The event featured over 50 Division 1 prospects in all classes from 2010 seniors to a number of 2011, 2012 and even 2013 performers, which Evans was totally bowled over by.

“The athletes on the field today was as good a group as you will find anywhere,” Evans said. “Every year we are attracting better and better talent, and this year, we really brought in some tremendous teams and players.”