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FIU lands top quarterback prospect

When Florida International University visited Alabama over the weekend and played the Crimson Tide tough for over three quarters, many players had the opportunity to see what the future of this impressive program looked like. On Monday, the Golden Panthers took another step in becoming a force on the collegiate football landscape with yet another commitment.

With a number of high-profile athletes already on the roster, FIU added another top-flight commitment when Neptune Beach Fletcher quarterback Jake Medlock chose Mario Cristobal's growing squad over Arkansas, Florida Atlantic, Mississippi State, Miami, Iowa State and LSU, who all had interest in the process.

"I wanted to stay in Florida and I love the coaching staff at FIU," Medlock told Hays Carlyon of Jacksonville.com. "I loved it when I went down there in the summer. Offensively, they throw the ball a lot. They also run the spread and the zone-read option."

Medlock, who has started more than 20 games for the Senators, is currently nursing a shoulder injury suffered in a season-opening win over Nease. He sat out last week's loss to Jacksonville Sandalwood.

As a junior, Medlock led his school to its first undefeated regular season in 70 years. As a sophomore, he passed for over 1,000 yards for a team that finished 8-3.

"Jake emerged as one of the top five quarterbacks in the state," said Corey Long of Friday Night Football magazine Florida. "His arm strength, size (6-3, 220) and leadership ability made him one of the top prospects."

FIU has been busy over the past week, getting commitments from Ocala Trinity Catholic running back Kedrick Rhodes and LaSalle defensive back Sam Miller, Jr.

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Thanks for the news...Panthers on the Rise!!!


Great news for FIU!!!

This program is growing by leaps and bounds.


Now we have a real QB after Wesly Carroll... That is how to build a program!!!
Great news and welcome to the FAMILIA!


Welcome to the fam Jake. You're going to be a part of history during your time at FIU. Take that to the bank.

FIU Fanatic

Yet another nice commitment to FIU's program by Mario and his staff...

Welcome to FIU, Jake!!


Welcome to FIU Jake, we cannot wait for you to take to the field in Blue and Gold!


Welcome Jake, las cubanitas at FIU are waiting to make you happy.


Nice work Panthers. Welcome aboard Jake.

Lamar Thomas

What spin! Who wrote this article, the FIU PR department?

This guy didn't even have offers from some of these programs, specifically Miami.


"Top" prospect? Lol.....Rated as a 1 star player (Out of 5) by scout.com. He had legitimate offers from FIU, FAU, and Arkansa. Decent QB I'm sure, but hardly a coveted recruit. Talk about inflating the truth.


I may be mistaken here, but I think it was written by the Miami Herald.....dipsh1t.

Welcome to the FIU family!! Prepare to dominate the conference and any conference we may move to (i.e. Big East).


Why not add he choose FIU over USC, UF, and Ohio State...those are just as false as him chosing FIU over UM.


I guess you know more than the Sports Reporter.


He's a three star prospect, considered a sleeper by espn. Good pick up for FIU.


This is in the High School Section of the Miami Herald...obviously some people can't accept the fact FIU is recruiting well. The 2010 class is deep that most programs in state of Florida will do well.

Welcome to FIU!!!


Alang...at least we're in agreement that UF's program has left UM's sorry excuse of a football team in the dust...admitting that is where most delusional Miami fans have trouble. Now if we can only get the other douche bags over at UCG to accept reality...


Here is his bio from scout.com. The guy is a one star and only had offers from FIU, FAU and Arkansas. The spin on this story is absurd.

Linda Shayne

From a Jacksonville Fletcher Football Fan: Jake Medlock is an awesome quarterback!Today he was voted in the Florida Times Union the #1 quarterback in the Duval County District. He was the first quarterback to take Fletcher to an undefeated season in 70 years. He is also a fine young man with integrity. To Alang the negative non believer....Just wait you are going to eat your words... Go Panthers!

Dolphins Fan 8670

ESPN also has him considering UM and Arkansas. Didn't see LSU there, but those 2 are nice. Good pickup by FIU


I mean, I can consider UM and LSU as well. Doesn't mean I have an offer. This is absurd, do you people really believe this kid chose an offer from FIU over offers from UM or LSU? Are you insane?


Welcome to FIU Jake! You've made a great selection; FIU has a solid academic reputation, an up-and-coming athletics department, and some of the finest ladies Miami has to offer.

Congrats to MC and staff; the good news keeps coming our way.

Great to be a Golden Panther!!


welcome to fiu homie... were going to make the haters eat their words in a couple of years with guys like this aboard.


Mike, I know it hurts your feeling that he choose FIU, but its okay. Life will go on.

Not everything in this world revolves around the has-been UM program.

There's no need to hate. If you don't believe the Miami Herald, then just don't read it


According to Canesports.com:

This quarterback is actively being recruited by the Canes, and he just spoke with coach Clint Hurtt on Tuesday.

FIU Fanatic

From what I know, he had offers from Arkansas, Vriginia, Georgia Southern, and FAU. He had interest (rivals says he had an offer from Miami)from the other schools, and actually was set to visit Miami, when the day prior Stephen Morris just had committed to them. Miami cancelled his visit then, and presumably took away the offer (if they had). As stated earlier, ESPN.com ranks him as a 3-star player with a strong rating of 76.

Still, another good pickup by FIU, regardless of the obvious naysayers, since there is interest from plenty of good BCS type schools.


I mean, I can consider UM and LSU as well. Doesn't mean I have an offer. This is absurd, do you people really believe this kid chose an offer from FIU over offers from UM or LSU? Are you insane?

Posted by: Mike | September 16, 2009 at 03:09 PM

Wow, talk about someone that doesn't know what they're talking about. It does happen, some of these kids realize that they can play right away. You think Taylor Cook regrets going to UM? It's about playing time and them realizing FIU keeps improving.


FIU is doing really good when it comes to recruting the rumor is that the Booker T washington Kicker is going there as well


he is really good i saw him kick last year and 90% of his kickoff are out off the enzone


Good get for the program. Using the words "Top Quarterback" is stretching it a bit. In fact QUITE a bit. Scout shows no offer. When ESPN says "considering" it does NOT mean he has an offer. He says on Rivals that when he visited this summer, if he got an offer, he'd take it on the spot. My guess is that Whipple passed on him.


lol appearantly scout.com is the begining and end of the recruiting world to some people lol congrat on your college decision Jake. welcome to the FIU family. dont let the haters get you down. trust me you want to come to an up and coming school like FIU.


Good point FIUJM. Just ask the 2 backup QB's that recently transferred from UM. Why did they transfer again? For a chance at more playing time at other schools.

It's not surprising to see these young guys overlook a major program for a starting job at other non-traditional powerhouses and up-and-coming programs.

FIU Fanatic

If we land that kicker from Booker T...some of his teammates, Trail in particular, might follow...Interesting developments from FIU recruiting front!


FIU fanatic. as interesting as that could be... i dont think anyone is following a kicker to any school lol but would be nice to land both.


Wooow just wait to the end of this season when the canes win the acc you fiu fans are silly little people fiu will never ever never come close to takin over football in dade u guys get a handful of second tier talent that um didn't want or didn't care too lose and u think ur accomplishing somthing lmao just look no further than ur coach and a d former canes LOL. They use um tradation and recruiting prowess and try to pass it off as your own LOL top notch recruit LOL everything that is printed about fiu is like Nazi propaganda LOL and ur beloved ty Hilton good player yes but he would not sniff the feild in um recieving core face the facts fiu will always be the red headed stepchild to the canes and it will stay that way y NFL alumni canes even on down years we still put out pros in the last 5 years alone frank gore greg olsen Devin hester kenny phillps brandon meriwhether calis cambell all starters and Bruce Johnson spencer adkins just during our worst time in program history um still puts out more pros the fiu ever has in there history so please fiu fans do some homework before u try to challange the big boys cuz the u is coming back and just like ur mascot the panthers will be an endangered species lmao


Medlock was going to take a visit to UM at one point, but UM coaches called him and told him not to because they already had a QB for this year committed. That means he did not have an offer from Miami - plain and simple.

FIU < Miami always.


"Wooow just wait to the end of this season when the canes win the acc you fiu fans are silly little people fiu will never ever never come close to takin over football in dade u guys get a handful of second tier talent that um didn't want or didn't care too lose...."

Posted by: Seminolesuckass | September 16, 2009 at 05:38 PM

YOU ARE AN IDIOT !! What kind of CANES fan are U ?? Butch Davis rebuilt dah U with those unwanted 2nd tier players in the mid-late 90s you FOOL !! Ratings are worthless, just ask Kyle Wright, Ryan Moore and Lance Leggett how their careers turned out....ALL WORLD bums.

Get over it loser, FIU is going to bury UM's program on our home field in just a few short years and they'll do it with those throw away lower tier kids that UCG has no interest in.

***Edge, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Sapp were not highly coveted 4 and 5 stars you retard...get a clue !!


Why do Miami fans always feel threatened by FIU?

It's like they have to come to all the FIU articles and beat their chest and talk about how they were good 7 years ago.

We are obviously not at the same level and we aren't even in the same conference and we don't even play each other anymore, so why do you care so much about our school?

FIU Fanatic

CJ...it doesn't hurt, does it?...but u never know if the kicker is following someone else from his team that we have been interested in....


Seminolesuckass - has this retard ever heard of commas and periods? My head is still spinning from reading that garbage post.


You FIU people are messed up.
You believe everything you read, and that proves just how messed up you are.
Find this guy on a list of top-rated QB's, and I'll eat my hat(s).
He's a one-star QB, period.

As far as your ignorant, stupid, dumb-ass remarks about "UM football's sorry program" - watch Thursday night's game on ESPN, vs Ga. Tech, with almost 70,000 fans in the stands...then, tell me how FIU is "on the rise" - the only rise you weirdos are getting is "in your Levi's" !!
You people are living in a dream state.
First, your program isn't even on the leve of a MAC program yet.
Second, and most importantly, fI-who will always have to compete with UM for recruits, and it will NEVER HAPPEN where FIU will get a better class than UM...it's called TRADITION...you have none, we have TONS!!
Now, go away...your SILLINESS is an insult to intelligent football fans everywhere.


Anyone dumb enough to pass on the U deserves fiu.



I didn't end up going (on an unofficial visit to Miami) because Coach Hurtt told me before I was ready to leave that they got a quarterback commitment from the Miami area so Miami is no longer in my plans. … Even after Arkansas offered me, I wanted to check out Miami and see what them and some other schools were gonna do.
-- jake medlock (7/27/09)




words matter …
“coveted” “top-flight” “chose”
who the F are you kidding …
with fantastic language, Miami Herald enables f-i-u-don’t-matter’s f(i)utile pursuit of football glory …
tell the truth …
according to scout.com, only arkansas, florida atlantic & the gold-plated patsies offered the undesirable while The University of Miami showed casual interest …
afflicted with pete pelegrin psychosis …



although the "U" gets talent - it is not respected as a 'big time' college football school with good atmosphere and a place where the recruits can get opportunities other than football - that is why they can only recruit miami -dade and the hood.



hey larry blustein, why let inconvenient facts interfere …
modern journalism: where self-serving fiction justifies front-page splash …
out of contemptuous pity …
or whi$pered $weet nothing$ …
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base warrant scant coverage in a major-league metropolitan newspaper
something’s rotten at 1 herald plaza …


FIU Fanatic

Green with hate and disbelief...amazing...


Welcome to Miami, Jake!

GO Golden Eagles!

It is obvious how insecure the Miami fans are....If they weren't threatened they wouldn't bother to comment.... Really why do these morons care who FIU is recruiting.... Focus on your own team....

andre hall

They should put Junior delphre back at QB that number 15

Lamar Thomas

Canes fans aren't insecure about FIU, it's just all this false ARROGANCE and BRAVADO that needs to be smacked down. You guys haven't won a thing, and this article reeks of bad journalism and spin. Impressive college program? Top flight athletes? You've won FIVE GAMES in your history. REALITY CHECK.

We need to smack you down because you disgraced the Orange Bowl with your thugs assaulting our team. FIU's actions caused this, nothing else. It's the same chip on the school the entire FIU student body has, not good enough for the other state schools and not laced enough for DA U.

Look, when FIU committed the money to the program everyone knew they'd get LEFT OVERS and become a decent collegiate team. But it's never going to be at the level of the dominant programs in the state, more FAMU than even UCF.


I don't think anyone has an issue with FIU. I think the main issue is with the slant of the article that makes it look as if FIU won a recruiting battle with UM, which is highly inaccurate.


wow, this is some funny stuff, definitely entertaining reading how delusional some of you are.

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