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Gameday blog: Central-Northwestern

This is Manny Navarro. I'll be blogging live during tonight's game between nationally ranked Miami Central and Miami Northwestern, which will be available to watch on ESPN2. Feel free to be a part of our online discussion during the game. High School Editor Andre Fernandez will update us throughout the game from the sideline.

(iPhone users are asked to be patient. It takes several minutes for CoverItLive to launch)



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Which players are the "U" interested in?


The Central O-Line has to be high on weed!


Manny, first time I see Bridgewater play.....seems like he could develop into a decent passer. He has a strong arm but is all over the place. Did the U go after Gainer or Reese at all or whats the deal there?




who is winning


Manny could I get an update, I am currently overseas and don't have the luxury of watching the game live or at home.

Carol City Cane

FortyBoy Central is winning 14-2.

daniel baca

california here.nott from your area.who should i be looking at that has commited to the u?


what a sad display of High school football for Dade county...it must be the espn thing.....200+ yds of penalty's in the first half and 30 in the minutes starting the 3rd....I see no d-1 talent on either squad playing tonight....I hope it gets better....STA would destroy either school IMO...

Carol City Cane

22-14 Northwestern.

@Daniel Baca = Todd Chandler from Northwestern #95 is commited to the U,


I've seen alot of these high school games this year but I have never seen one with so many penalties. Northwestern showed alot of heart coming back when they were down. I did see several players I thought could play college ball but neither team is stacked in that regard. I think Bridgewater can develop into a nice quarterback. It is hard to tell when he is running for his life most pass plays.


Impressed by Teddy Bridgewater and ML Harris. Heard nothing all night on Todd Chandler other than the recruiting commit to the U. Godfrey looked promising too.


i hope these teams play again and not on television it would be a better game and either one of them is capable of beating Saint thomas

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